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FLSA Overtime Expansion Infographic

Put your employees to the test! Learn more about which employees meet the standard exemption criteria under the Fair Labor Standards Act’s job duties test with this easy-to-use infographic.

Garnishments Infographic

Garnishing employees’ wages is a risky business. This infographic shows you why it pays for employers to outsource the responsibility of employee garnishments.

Workplace Learning Infographic

Just as learning doesn’t end when a graduate receives his or her diploma, it also doesn’t end when a worker accepts a position with a company. This infographic shows how continuous training ties directly to increases in everything from productivity to profit.

Time Theft Infographic

According to an American Payroll Association study, more than 75 percent of companies lose money from buddy punching. In fact, the average employee steals 54 minutes each workday. Time’s a-wastin’ – literally! Take back control of your time data today.

Onboarding Infographic

Acclimating new hires to your workplace can be chaotic, what with setting up payroll, submitting a W-4 and assigning training, just for starters. An onboarding system, however, greatly simplifies the process, yielding not just a happier workforce all around, but benefits both immediate and long-term.

Empower Employees Infographic

Today’s employees expect the information they need to be online. They want to be able to access their pay history, benefits information, accruals, training and more. Empower your employees and managers with the online access they need to be more productive and engaged.

What Employees Want Infographic

The carrot-and-stick approach to employee motivation is dead. Your employees are seeking purpose, not just perks, and the companies that truly engage their workforce are reaping the rewards. Download this infographic to learn what your employees really want from your organization.

Surveys Infographic

Despite a growing business climate of unprecedented perks and engagement studies, an alarming 84% of senior leaders say disengaged employees are one of the three biggest threats facing their business. Do you know what your employees are really thinking?

Human Capital Management Infographic

The experts are reporting that 61 percent of HR professionals are planning to leave their old software behind seeking integrated solutions in Human Capital Management technology that include talent management suites, a better end-user experience and improved analytics.

Cloud Compliance Infographic

Paycom has provided the following infographic checklists to help you ask the right questions when selecting a cloud-based HR technology vendor. According to a Towers Watson survey, nearly 31 percent of companies plan to increase their spending on HR software this year.

COBRA compliance infographic

A serious exposure risk for employers is not being COBRA compliant. The increasing number of COBRA lawsuits is staggering and companies struggle to keep up with COBRA guidelines and new regulations.

Benefits Administraion Infographic

Benefits administration is a time consuming event for HR professionals. Many employers take anywhere from three to twelve months to prepare for open enrollment.

Talent Management Infographic

Many companies struggle to identify their top talent. Top performing companies know exactly how their talent assets contribute to their strategic success and how to identify those attributes in prospective candidates.

Document Management Infographic

The right DMS should address your business needs with the appropriate accessibility, flexibility and cost to drive organizational performance.