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Paycom Drives Organization Capability with Introduction of Paycom Learning

February 10, 2015 | Posted in Press Room

Paycom Software, Inc. (NYSE:PAYC), a leading provider of a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for human capital management, announced the release of Paycom Learning, a learning-management system that formalizes companies’ training processes. With Paycom’s single-database technology, any employee activity in Paycom Learning seamlessly updates throughout other pertinent applications.

“We believe employees prefer easy, user-friendly, online access to everything, including training,” said Chad Richison, Paycom President and Chief Executive Officer. “With Paycom Learning, courses are taken through the same solution that clients are already using for payroll, time and attendance, benefits, performance reviews and more. This additional functionality to our existing product suite makes Paycom Learning a very powerful tool that can help organizations develop their talent quickly and most effectively.”

Paycom Learning enables clients to deploy standardized content across their organizations. From a central knowledge base, employees have unlimited access to customized courses, are able to share knowledge and expertise, and can measure their professional development progress. Employers can track the activity and success of their training programs with pre-defined reports and a robust analytics dashboard.

Paycom Learning helps organizations’ new hires reach full productivity faster by allowing employers to assign required courses during the onboarding process. Once those courses are completed, organizations are able to set customized learning paths that align with employee performance development goals, giving employers the ability to incorporate training results in the performance review process.

For employers looking to fill open positions, Paycom Learning helps them identify top-scoring employees as candidates for open positions and promotions, helping organizations retain top talent and fill mission-critical roles by promoting from within.

Paycom operates on a single-database architecture, allowing it to release the tool to all clients in a single rollout versus tiered rollouts based on version type.

Paycom Learning marks the organization’s first major product release in 2015, after releasing several prominent products in 2014, including an Affordable Care Act Dashboard, Push Reporting, Paycom Surveys, Schedule Exchange, Candidate Tracker and an enhanced Employee Self-Service and mobile version of the solution.

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