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Paycom Redefines Reporting Process for Human Capital Management

June 4, 2014 | Posted in Press Room

Paycom (NYSE:PAYC), a leading provider of comprehensive cloud-based technology for human capital management, announced the addition of Push Reporting, a new capability that will increase the quality, speed and efficiency in which human resource executives can populate, produce and analyze employee data generated reports. Leveraging Paycom’s payroll and HR solutions with the added Push Reporting feature, businesses will be able to accurately access information related to key HR areas such as time and labor management, payroll, talent management and benefits administration.

“The demand for better business analytics and automatically populated reports is something that executives and HR professionals have needed for some time,” said Chad Richison, Paycom’s president and CEO. “Paycom’s Push Reporting feature finally provides the industry with a smart process and an automated solution that advances how the enterprise can better leverage employee data from all parts of the employment life cycle. We’re excited to be the first within the HCM (human capital management) space to bring to the market a solution that further empowers our industry category.”

Paycom’s Push Reporting feature provides users with the ability to create fully customized reports that can be scheduled for delivery to various departments as needed. This offering, combined with Paycom’s unique single-database architecture, allows executives to evaluate relevant employee data in real time. Through a unique interface, users can save, manage and analyze reports that can be populated based on preferred frequency – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Users are notified via email that scheduled results are available and are accessible via the Push Reporting Inbox within Paycom’s Report Center. This functionality gives organizations the ability to improve their business analytics and operations.

Paycom’s unrivaled proprietary software frees HR and others from compiling payroll, time and labor management and HR management reports by generating them on their behalf. All reports then can be exported in any format the company requests, including Excel, CSV and PDF.

The product release is Paycom’s second for 2014 after the company launched Paycom Survey, a tool that allows employers the ability to quickly create, distribute and analyze online employee surveys. This product offering was also a first within the human capital management industry, empowering employers to increase retention and reduce turnover by measuring employee satisfaction.

“Push Reporting enables HR managers to automatically deliver scheduled reports to their CFO’s inbox, including key areas like labor analysis or expense management, tracking overtime worked and employee expenses on a regular basis,” Richison said. “We’ve allowed companies to pull very complex reports in a very simple way.”

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