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The head of a payroll services company told CNBC Wednesday that he doesn’t see signs of slowdown in medium-sized businesses, despite growing fears of a looming recession.

Technology is a huge part of today’s business environment. As such, it’s becoming a big part of human resources. And we’re not simply talking about a new piece of software or hardware. Human resources professionals have to think differently about the role technology plays in the business as well as the human resources function.

Chad Richison spots what’s trending with customers — even before they do. And he does it before his rivals notice. A first-mover mentality guides winning entrepreneurs and is a foundation of success, says Richison, CEO and founder of human resources software innovator Paycom (PAYC). It’s a skill you can learn, too.

Paycom CEO Chad Richison has been ranked in the top 100 CEOs by Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job recruiting websites. Richison is the only Oklahoma executive on the list, at 66th with a 93% rating. With Glassdoor, employees can anonymously and voluntarily review companies and CEOs. The rankings take into account the quantity, […]

Chad Richison, founder and chief executive of Paycom, was named among the Top 100 CEOs in a U.S. survey published annually by Glassdoor, an employment website where employees anonymously review companies and their management.