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You were unable to escape the ACApocalypse. Don't worry: Even though you’re now a part of the zombie population, you still can mitigate your ACA compliance concerns. Escape now to learn more about Paycom’s Enhanced ACA solution or try your luck again!

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The ACA is nearly as frightening as a zombie apocalypse for employers who face a slew of new compliance issues. Will you survive the ACApocalypse?

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Among the most important compliance pieces are the reporting requirements, which can be quite cumbersome and costly if neglected. Select the description that best fits your organization. (If this has you terrified, hit the ESCAPE NOW! button.)

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Place Each IRS Form into its Appropriate Final Destination:




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Mind-Eating Statistics

How Many Businesses Aren't Ready to Comply with the ACA's 2015 Reporting Requirements?

Mind-Eating Statistics

What Percentage of Employers Are Unsure About How They Are Going to Deliver the Required ACA Forms to the IRS and Employees?

Creepy Misconceptions

Fines are delayed until 2016.

Bone-Chilling Fines

Pick the Fine That Fits the Crime.

Late and/or Inaccurate Filings

If your forms are filed late or inaccurately, you could be fined the following per form.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

Willful failure to provide the Summary of Benefits and Coverage to employees could result in this fine, plus a possible excise tax of $100 per day, per individual.

Affordablility and Coverage Non-Compliance

You could be fined this amount for each full-time employee receiving credits or subsidies for coverage, or $2,000 per the total number of FTEs (not counting the first 80), whichever is less

Check the Fines

Paycom's survival guide

Erase the concerns and nightmares by eliminating your ACA compliance threat.

Gain a healthy compliance strategy to protect yourself from the fright fest that is the Affordable Care Act's employer mandate.