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Employee Spotlight: Meet Charity

Bonny Calfy | September 21, 2018

Charity has been a Paycom software developer since April 2014. Recently, I reached out and asked her to share her story.

Before working at Paycom, what was your experience like as a woman in the technology field?

Very challenging. I constantly had to prove myself. The first impression from others was that I was a secretary because I was the only woman in a meeting room with all men. I’ve heard all of the jokes about getting coffee and taking meeting notes for everyone. Some instances, when I’ve introduced myself as a software developer, the response was that I must just do the design portion, insinuating that a woman being a full-stack developer is unheard of. There is always some sort of bias, which surprisingly comes from women in addition to men. The stereotypes give people an implicit bias against women in tech.

How does Paycom’s experience differ from other companies for women in technology?

Management doesn’t treat me any differently than the men. I was able to excel early at Paycom because I was given the same responsibilities as the men. I was given the opportunity to show I was able to succeed and show how valuable I could be as a developer at Paycom.

What opportunities does Paycom provide to women in its technology departments?

The best opportunity is equality. Every person in the development department can advance based on their skills, without gender even being a consideration.

What does your role as a woman in technology mean to you?

When I chose to pursue a career in computer science and math, I knew I would be one of very few women. Since I have two daughters, I hope to show them and other young women that just because something is male-dominated doesn’t mean you can’t succeed and be an integral part of it.

In what way does Paycom enrich that meaning?

Paycom gives me the same opportunities as everyone else at my level. It’s about what I choose to take charge of and complete. Since Paycom management does not show any bias, I’m able to excel to where I want and choose to be based on my performance as a development leader, not a woman.

What are women in technology’s greatest strengths?

Perseverance. I believe every woman goes into computer science knowing there will be some sort of prejudice and it will be even more challenging to prove ourselves versus what men have to face. It would have been easy for all of us to go into a woman-dominated field. I chose this route – and I assume others did, too – knowing we’d be facing more challenges based on our gender than our male colleagues, based on past experiences, statistics and what we saw in the media.

How has Paycom played to those strengths for you?

Paycom has given me the opportunity to make friends with other women facing the same challenges I face. These friendships help us all mentor each other on next steps to take in order to persevere together.

Talk about the pride that stems from working as a woman in technology at Paycom.

I am very proud to be working as a woman in tech at Paycom. The Paycom team sees the gender discrepancy and encourages outreach by attending women tech conferences and aligning with nonprofits like Girls Who Code.

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Bonny Calfy
As Paycom’s recruitment marketer team lead, Bonny Calfy writes about such topics as human capital management, company culture, talent acquisition and career advice. Her brand-awareness efforts at Paycom have included launching Paycom Careers’ blog and social media channels, and producing several recruiting videos, all to help attract top talent nationwide. Outside of work, Bonny enjoys reading, fishing and spending time with her son and husband.