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Employee Spotlight: Meet Eric

Bonny Calfy | June 4, 2021

We interviewed one of our senior transition specialist representatives, Eric, to learn more about his Paycom journey.

Describe what you do.

I am the lead project manager who works as an HR consultant, trainer and liaison for clients. During the implementation of new Paycom clients, I help facilitate interdepartmental communication between them and the full transition team to ensure the client has a seamless, enjoyable transition from their previous provider to Paycom.

What is your favorite thing about your team?

I don’t know that I have just one favorite thing about my team, as there are so many to choose from. I love how ambitious and supportive they are as well as how much fun they can be. This isn’t just a team; it’s a family. We all have our own personalities, but we fit well together. There isn’t a day that we aren’t there for each other. When we get together, we know it’s always going to be a good time and a memory that will last a forever. I wouldn’t be where I am without my team/family.

What advice would you give a new employee for being successful at Paycom?

The biggest advice I could give is to take each day and learn from it. There will always be something new to learn each and every day. Even as a senior TSR, there are new things that I am constantly learning. Lean on your team, your peers and your leaders, as we are all here to cheer each other on and want success for everyone at Paycom.

What’s the one word you would choose to describe Paycom, and why?

Innovative. From top to bottom, Paycom is filled with innovators who are looking to make a change in the industry. We aren’t afraid to try something new, and the best part is that our leaders support us in being innovative to see what difference we can make. Paycom is only going to continue to grow, and I am so happy be a part of a company that isn’t afraid to stand for what it believes in and change the world of business.

What is your greatest accomplishment at Paycom?

I am almost two years into my role at Paycom, and my greatest accomplishment to date is becoming a mentor. As I continue on my journey with Paycom, I’m proud to be able to be called a mentor and help others on their journey as well. We all work individually with our own clients, but we are ultimately a team when you look at the bigger picture, and that is one of the best things about my role and the company in general. Any chance I can get to help someone and know that I was a part of their success means more to me than anything I’ve accomplished so far.

What makes you proud to work at Paycom?

I am proud to say that Paycom has the best culture I have ever been a part of. This company truly takes care of its people and creates a work-life balance for us as well as challenges us to be better every single day. This company isn’t afraid to stand up for what it believes in. I am proud to stand behind Paycom and will continue to rave about working for an incredible company that I hope to retire with one day. Paycom is it for me. Paycom is my career and home.

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside work?

Outside work, I love to travel, hike, kayak, watch sports and even play various sports. I currently play in a recreational adult hockey league that I will continue to play in for a long time. Most importantly, however, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 2-year-old daughter. We are creating memories every day, and I am thrilled to be able to share in these moments with them.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I always struggle to answer this question, as I consider myself a foodie. There are so many foods that I love to eat, but I think I would have to go with sushi, as there are so many different types of sushi to choose from.

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