Interview Tips From Paycom Leadership – Part 3

Ashley Jezek | February 26, 2021

Interviews are about standing out, but beyond having the skills needed for a particular position, what is the best way to set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates? We asked members of Paycom leadership to provide their best interview advice and got some answers that you should hear before your next interview.

We hope you’re in the mood to tune up your interview game, because this blog post might give you the key to acing your next interview!

Cassie Niemann, Talent and Organizational Development Manager, HR

  • Do your research and understand as much about the company and the role as you can. Being prepared is a requirement in any business situation.
  • When you ask questions, make sure they are focused on helping you figure out how you can best serve the company, not how the company can serve you. Your questions say a lot about your motives, humility and service orientation.
  • Every opportunity is a chance to learn. Be prepared to share what you learned and applied from both good and bad experiences. Your willingness to share how you turned a bad situation into a learning opportunity tells a lot about your growth mindset.

Charles Franks, Operations Recruiting Manager

My advice starts at the beginning of the search process. Know what will make you happy before applying to any opportunities. Be intentional and selective based on what you want so you will have a better opportunity to create a positive impression in the interview. It is hard to be excited about something for which you don’t have buy-in, but it’s even harder not to be excited for something you really want.

Once the self-evaluation process is complete and you determine you are qualified for the role, it is time to prepare for the interview and practice what you would say when faced with specific types of questions. This will help you answer with confidence and show your ability to communicate your overall experience as it relates to the role. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to brag about yourself and your accomplishments. The resume is not enough; you must be able to articulate what you will bring to the organization and how hiring you will be a no-brainer based on your past knowledge, skills and abilities.

There you have it! By now, the wheels are turning and you’re thinking about how to implement this advice in your next interview. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, you should apply to Paycom today!

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Ashley Jezek
As a recruiting marketer for Paycom, Ashley Jezek helps the recruiting teams determine their goals and assists with strategy development. Her efforts include campaign management, engaging with top talent and increasing brand awareness. After earning a public relations degree from the University of Oklahoma, Jezek served as marketing team lead for OU's Tom Love Innovation Hub and joined Paycom as a marketing database specialist. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, attending concerts and cooking.