HR's Battle with Complex Government Regulations

Today, U.S. businesses are facing more and more complex regulations with heavy administrative burdens, high execution costs and huge risks associated with noncompliance, like fines, penalties and class-action lawsuits. Last year alone, federal regulations cost the U.S. economy nearly $1.9 trillion.

From the creation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to a growing web of state employment laws, companies look to their HR leaders to know more and do more to protect their organization and minimize their compliance exposure.

Squaring Off: Just How Big is the Regulatory Burden for U.S. Businesses Executive Summary

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It Helps to Have Someone in Your Corner

Every great fighter knows that when you’re up against a heavy hitter, you need an ally. Paycom’s powerful HR technology helps you:

Paycom HR Technology
Automate compliance processes
Employment law can pack a punch when it comes to your administrative burden. Automating processes like COBRA correspondence and tracking of ACA measurement periods can lessen the blow to your team’s time while substantially reducing the risk of errors.
Proactively find areas of risk
Leverage Paycom’s alert and reporting features with your HR data to audit your workforce and proactively find areas of potential risk for everything from unemployment to OSHA, EEOC, FMLA and more!
Be the ultimate resource for your C-suite
With advanced reporting tools, you confidently can give your C-suite the information and insight it needs to make the best decisions for your company and workforce.

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