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Addressing Health Care’s Growth With the Right HR Tech

The challenges of the current job market are steep for every industry, but if you operate in health care, you know this is especially true.

And the need for qualified professionals keeps growing. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care occupations are expected to expand 16% between 2020 and 2030, generating about 2.6 million new positions — far more than any other industry.

But new turnover data paints a different picture: Per a survey from Morning Consult, a workplace intelligence consultant, roughly 18% of health care workers have quit their jobs since February 2020, citing low pay, stress and burnout.

Addressing both growth and retention continues to be crucial for the success of the health care industry nationwide. This means you’ll need the right processes and tools to ensure your strategies for recruitment, engagement and development are seamless and secure so your staff is able to better focus on delivering care to those in need.

Are you unsure if your current HCM solution is up to the task? Luckily, the functionality your employees need to make their work lives easier is available in the form of a truly single software. Here’s how:


Ensuring your growing workforce is engaged and empowered by the right tools for their professional advancement begins before they even enter your facilities. A streamlined tool for tracking applicants enables your hiring managers to easily communicate with prospective hires, automatically post new openings to popular job boards and communicate with candidates through one simple system.

And once you’ve narrowed down the right talent, a powerful tool can help you efficiently and thoroughly conduct the background checks and screenings that may be necessary for your business’s compliance. Plus, a streamlined onboarding tool empowers your new hires to complete, verify and submit needed employment documents — such as tax forms and proof of identification — themselves so they’re primed to start making an impact in your facility from day one.


Saving and bettering lives is necessary, but it’s also challenging. As such, your health care professionals deserve an HCM solution that doesn’t bog them down and compound their stress through multiple, disjointed systems while keeping them away from the data they should have access to all along.

According to Morning Consult, among health care workers who have kept their positions, 31% have considered leaving and 79% say the national labor shortage has affected them at work. A consumer-grade HR experience may help offset these troubling figures.

A system that allows your staff to access their HR data without involving your administration matches the versatility they need for their critical work. And given the rising trend of traveling nurses outlined by The Washington Post — a group that rose by 40% in 2021 — being able to access all of this functionality and information anytime, anywhere is key to the success of today’s health care professional.

Taking this a step further, self-service payroll allows your staff to quickly and easily view, verify, troubleshoot and approve their paychecks, giving them the insight they need to better plan financially and alleviate their stress.

And with the right tech, your facility’s leadership reap a reward, too. Our software provides managers with a tool to easily:

  • review and confirm timecards
  • approve time-off requests
  • create and approve personnel action forms
  • develop interactive training materials for continued education
  • and much more, all through their mobile devices

They’ll also enjoy intuitive tools for scheduling and labor allocation, helping them manage your mobile employees with confidence.


If the work your team does wasn’t difficult enough, recent and widespread ransomware attacks make their jobs even more difficult. Investing in HR software that protects their sensitive personal data gives your health care professionals the peace of mind they need to focus.

That’s why health care organizations should seek a single software with proven, in-depth security measures that include the following certifications:

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27701
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22301
  • SOC 1
  • SOC 2

In addition to your security, you need tools that help ensure your facility’s compliance. Your staff are responsible for much of the most sensitive information, and data breaches, fines and penalties risk tarnishing your business’s image in the eyes of your employees and patients.

But with a system that prioritizes the privacy and safety of your health care professionals and the community they serve, you have the support you need to guide your operations into the future.

Learn more about how we help health care businesses and request a demo of Paycom’s full-spectrum HCM solution.


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