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Is Your Business SaaS-Savvy?

Once a booming trend, Software as a Service (SaaS) today is a part of everyday business. What is it? Simply put, SaaS is a delivery model in which applications are hosted and managed in a provider’s data center.

SaaS can be paid for on a subscription basis and accessed via an Internet browser. While it has been in existence for more than a decade, SaaS has gained momentum in recent years due in part to its unparalleled ability to lower costs and increase efficiencies in the workplace.

Many business professionals have been informed of how the SaaS model can provide companies a great deal of advantages; however, little effort has been done to explain to managers in particular why switching makes perfect sense: because SaaS presents an opportunity for innovation, eliminating the deficiencies of other software models.

In no particular order, here are the top five benefits of SaaS:

1.      Cost Savings
Creating, implementing and maintaining an on-premises infrastructure can be daunting, time-consuming and pricey. SaaS can help lighten the load and the pocketbook.

2.      Scalability
When you start a business, your hopes for the future are growth. If you don’t have technology that is suited to grow with your company, you will find yourself stuck while your competition passes you by. With a SaaS-based product, you can make adjustments as needed without the hassle.

3.      Accessibility
With SaaS, you can access information anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection. As society continues to become more mobile, this is a necessity.

4.      Advancement
Your cloud-service provider handles the hardware and software updates, allowing your IT department to focus on more valuable tasks.

5.      Resilience
Should a natural disaster strike your office, all your documents will remain safe in the cloud. You can get your business back up and running relatively quickly after such catastrophes.

The Paycom Way

Back when connecting was cumbersome and surfing was slow and limited, the founders of Paycom envisioned a better way. Software as a service and proprietary development have been staples of Paycom since it launched in 1998.

Since that inception, Paycom has been committed to helping companies get their jobs done more efficiently and effectively. Today Paycom delivers an entire suite of human capital management tools, including Talent Management, HR Management, Time & Labor Management, Talent Acquisition and Payroll. With the use of a SaaS model, those tools are comprehensive, consistent and progressive.

For business managers, the ability to access information quickly from a service that provides superior functionality and advanced technology with a lower exposure risk and overall savings makes for a solid case in favor of SaaS. Is your business SaaS-savvy?