Filing Cabinets of the Twenty-First Century?


Jason Bodin

| Apr 8, 2013

Send your clutter to the cloud.
By Jason Bodin

Are filing cabinets signature furniture pieces in your office? Are they overflowing with vital paperwork? Do they clutter and cause claustrophobia in the workplace? If this is the case for you, then it might be time to rethink the filing cabinet and look into cloud-based services to ensure that your employment records are secure.

The security of your employee and applicant data is a high-priority and cloud-based software offers better security and allows you to access your data from anywhere.

In addition to the clutter and strife that overgrown filing creates, they also cause stress. Eventually you will run out of room to store confidential records, but this burden can be alleviated by looking up towards the cloud.

The cloud doesn’t cause stubbed toes when you gracefully run into the metal filing cabinet in your office storage room. That metal filing cabinet also serves as a painful reminder that it is time to purge your employee records as part of the annual records retention and HR audit.

Many employers do not know that federal and state laws require employers to keep records for specific periods of time. Below are highlights that will keep you and your businesses in compliance.

  • W-4 forms must be kept on file for all active employees
  • I-9 forms and FMLA-related records three years
  • W-4 forms must be kept on file for three years after employee is terminated
  • Tax and compensation records four years
  • Pension/welfare plan documents, COBRA and HIPPAA-related records 6 years.

Once you have made your move to the cloud, find a unique way to re-purpose your old filing cabinet. Check out this creative article for inspiration.

In the end, decorate your office how you want, send your important employee files to the cloud!

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