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An Open Letter to HR

Juggling benefits, payroll, hiring and onboarding is quite the act to pull off. These laborious tasks that need to be tended to, but there are also other items and forums where HR must assist. Take, for instance, any time employees want to know how their sick time accrues or need their last two pay stubs for income verification.

But what if there were a different way? What if employees took these burdens off HR’s plate?

Here is a letter from your most valued assets, your employees, asking to be a load-lifter for your HR department.

Dear HR,

We know you’re extremely busy. Handling an entire workforce is no easy task. It’s apparent you can handle a heavy workload, but the truth is you don’t have to answer every menial employee question that comes across your desk.

Any of these common questions sound familiar?

  • “Can I get a copy of my last pay stub?”
  • “Will my vacation time cover this?”
  • “What steps should I take in order to level up in the company?”
  • “What do my benefits cover?”
  • “How much does adding a dependent cost?”

We don’t want to have to ask you these questions, but you hold the answers. Just in the past year, 24 percent of workers had HR queries, almost half of those being pay slip-related.

The right technology can take these simple requests off your plate. If we had more access, we could:

  • Access pay rates, schedule earnings and deductions and pay vouchers any time;
  • Submit W-4s, I-9s and direct deposit forms securely;
  • Change contact information and have it automatically update throughout the system;
  • Punch web time clocks or input hours into a web timesheet;
  • Submit and approve timesheets;
  • Monitor PTO accruals and submit time-off requests;
  • Enroll in benefits with decision-making tools like a sample paycheck with new deduction amounts; and
  • Access, complete and sign performance reviews.

You would have more time to be strategic or, heck, even take a vacation! (I assume you get that, too?)

Currently, just 5 percent of employees can access HR and payroll information 24/7, according to a recent study. As a mobile workforce becomes more commonplace, HR is under immense pressure to ensure information is easily available to all staff members.

We don’t want you to carry that burden, so we’re here with a solution. It’s called Employee Self-Service from Paycom. With Employee Self-Service, we are empowered to make informed decisions. So, we encourage you to check it out.

A recent study revealed that when asked whether we (your employees) had “sufficient access to the information needed to do our jobs,” only 33 percent of us responded that we did to a great extent.

Trust us to handle our own information; we are willing to take on that responsibility, freeing you from the mundane constraints.

Your Employees