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Outsourcing Payroll: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Do you know someone that is processing payroll for their mid-to-large sized company? Maybe you are stuck in the mundane process of doing payroll for your business or maybe you have a team of employees dedicated to payroll.

No matter what your case may be, outsourcing with a payroll provider is worth a look. You may ask yourself, “Why should I outsource my payroll?” Below are a number of useful reasons why outsourcing payroll is a smart idea. But beware because not all payroll providers are created equal.

Here are just a few examples of how payroll provider’s help to streamline business operations, propelling you and your business to new heights.

  • Go green with paperless options
  • Reporting Payroll Taxes – must report on quarterly or annual basis
  • Withholding employee taxes (secure and saved)
  • Avoid costly errors with accurate Time and Attendance platforms
  • Spend more time working on your product where you make money
  • Spend more time with your customers
  • Payroll Tax Management
  • Have useful audit trails in place

Payroll is also an important means of communication and guaranteed interaction between the employer and employee. An employee’s paycheck is a vital and frequent channel of communication that employers have with their employees. Any impediments or inaccuracies can cause damage beyond repair, which many employers cannot afford. In today’s economic conditions, you are expected to do more with less resources and manpower, which is why using a trusted payroll provider is a must.

About the author
Author picture, Jason Bodin
Jason Bodin
Jason Bodin has been the communications pulse for a number of organizations, including Paycom, where he serves as director of public relations and corporate communications. He helped launch Paycom’s blog, webinar platform and social media channels. He aided in the development of Paycom’s tool to assist organizations in complying with the Affordable Care Act, one of the largest changes in health care the country has seen. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Bodin previously worked for ESPN and Fox Sports. In his free time, he enjoys adventuring with his family, reading and strengthening his business acumen.