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Top 10 Office Annoyances

Monday through Friday you’re at work, so you see your coworkers a lot. As with anywhere you’re bound to spend the majority of your time, there are going to be irritations and annoyances that just really drive you “up the cubicle wall.” Here are just a few you may be able to relate to:

1. Typing Loudly. Seriously? Typing harder does not make the point any clearer.


2. Awkward Elevator Rides. There isn’t much to say about this one. We’ve all been there.

elevator ride - 1

3. Sloppy Desk. At times things just get hectic and then this ensues.

sloppy desk

4. Hovering. Remember that clingy boyfriend or girlfriend you never could get rid of? Sometimes you just wish you could say, “please stop staring over my shoulder.”


5. Sickness at Work. Start taking that Vitamin C now.

sick lady

6. Birthdays. You were really hoping this year someone would forget, but they never do! Now you sit and listen while they sing “Happy Birthday.” Of course there is usually birthday cake that follows, so much for the diet.


7. Missing Office Supplies. I think some people have a different perception of what the term “borrow” means. Yes you can use it, but then give it back, because it’s mine, remember you “borrowed’ it from me. Now where are those dang scissors?


8. Emails that NEVER Make Sense. Ever received an email where it just looks like one huge run-on sentence with no real point? Slow down and proof read.

weird email

9. Unnecessary Noise. 


10. Pranks. A little comic relief can do some good in the office. Until you come back to a foil wrapped desk, an upside down screen or a sticky note on the bottom of your mouse. It’s all fun and games until you become the target.

kick me

While I wish I could say that Paycom could take all of these annoyances away, we simply cannot; unfortunately, it just comes with the territory of working in cubicles. And let’s be honest with ourselves here; whether you’re willing to admit it or not, we’re all that guy sometimes.

On the contrary, we can offer a solution that alleviates the annoyance of multiple logins, multiple passwords, multiple phone numbers and multiple points of contact. Paycom is the only HR technology provider with a single-database, end-to-end product providing solutions for Talent Acquisition, Time and Labor Management, Payroll, Talent Management and HR Management, all in one application.