Growing Time: How Comprehensive HR Tech Gave This Nursery More of the Day Back

With Paycom, a wholesale plant retailer streamlined complex processes and empowered employees to access their own HR and payroll information. This freed an unprecedented amount of time for the HR team to pursue efficiency and a positive work environment for all.

After implementing Paycom, the HR team:

  • reduced time spent processing new hires by 50%
  • experienced fewer employee interruptions to view or update personal data
  • saved more time than they “could have imagined”
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How Paycom can help

  • Give your workforce purpose, reward their wins, and equip them with the knowledge to advance.
  • Establish a uniform system to conduct fair and objective evaluations.
  • Tie compensation to performance, in order to consistently recognize and develop great employees, while staying within budget.
  • Empower your workforce.