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See It in Action: Answering Employee Questions With Self-Service Technology

How much time does your company waste tracking down answers to employee questions? If you still handle these inquiries through phone calls and never-ending email chains, it’s time to give your workers a direct line of communication.

Paycom’s Ask Here allows your employees to get all the answers they need in one place. This reduces communication traffic and can contribute to employee satisfaction and engagement.

Join this upcoming deminar to see how to use Ask Here, including:

  • a central repository for all conversations in a convenient, secure dashboard
  • guided inquiry templates to automatically direct questions to the appropriate person
  • the ability to attach documents for additional details, such as photos, doctor’s notes and ergonomic requests

By attending this webinar, you consent to sharing your information and will be contacted by a Paycom representative.

If you are a Paycom client, please consult the webinar calendar in the Paycom Help Menu within your client-side login. There, you can find training webinars specific to Paycom users.

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