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Candidate Tracker

Candidate Tracker makes it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to keep close tabs on potential employees. Unlike the individuals accessible through the existing Applicant Tracking tool, those managed by Candidate Tracker have not yet applied. The result is a higher-quality talent pool of future hires.

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Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking brings efficiency and insight to simplify the recruiting processes needed to hire the best people. By using Paycom’s all-in-one software, you can move candidates from the application process through onboarding without rekeying data.

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Onboarding streamlines your hiring processes by creating online checklists of tasks to be assigned to an employee or group of employees. Paycom improves the day-one productivity of new hires, as well as reduces compliance risks associated with the hiring process.

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Employee Self-Service®

Improve employee engagement by empowering your staff with the ability to self-manage certain transactions, and obtain quick answers to frequent payroll and HR questions. Access to performance goals and reviews keeps them on track. Benefits information and PTO accruals help them make informed decisions. Total compensation reports help employees comprehend their full compensation and benefits package.

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Paycom Learning

Engage your workforce and formalize training with a digital learning experience that scales with your business. Employees enjoy anytime, anywhere access to a central knowledge base to access content, share expertise and measure their professional development progress.

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Performance Management

Performance Management helps align the goals of your organization and workforce. Standardize positions with pay grades and performance goals. Then streamline the review process with online employee self-reviews, manager reviews and “360 reviews” that improve efficiency, productivity and engagement.

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Expense Management

Expense Management from Paycom eliminates the manual, paper-based processes associated with employee expense reimbursement. Employers can control expenses by setting clearly defined parameters for employees with expense rules and categories, as well as by monitoring expenses with a variety of reports.

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Online Payroll Processing

Online Payroll Processing with Paycom is seamless. The system updates automatically to changes in employee information and offers other time-saving functionality such as batch editing and effective dating. Audit trails and custom logins protect sensitive employee information. Anytime access to make changes, run payroll and generate reports provides not only convenience, but peace of mind, knowing you can do your job whenever and from wherever it’s necessary.

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401k Reporting

With Paycom’s 401(k) Reporting tool, time-consuming tasks are eliminated. We work with your plan provider to map and model your payroll data to match their needs. After each payroll is processed and finalized, the 401(k) reports are created automatically and delivered to your carrier, as well as to your secure client inbox the next day.

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Benefits Administration Suite

Benefits Administration eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets to manually administer employee benefits. Better benefits tools help educate employees, improve communication and drive informed enrollment decisions. Census and reconciliation reports ensure you do not overpay for benefits. The automation of a single system reduces errors that can lead to HIPAA, COBRA and other violations.

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Surveys allow you to quickly create, distribute and analyze online employee surveys with ease. Create and distribute a survey any time, any place. From exit surveys to "rate the boss" questionnaires and other polls, users gain powerful, real-time analytics that can increase retention, improve productivity and morale and realize company goals.

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Documents and Checklists

Documents and Checklists provides a more efficient and secure solution for managing processes and employee files. Paycom securely stores records to meet retention requirements and protect documents from unauthorized access and disasters. Easily locate files and spend less time and money on paper, printing and storage.

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Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance from Paycom provides you the tools to more accurately and efficiently manage when, where and how your employees report their hours worked. Customized rules, batch-editing and timecard management tools accommodate even the most complex labor management needs.

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7 Tips When Switching HR and Payroll Companies

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