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Streamline Your Assisted Living Administrative Tasks by Outsourcing HR Management and Payroll

July 19, 2011 | Posted in Press Room

Increase your assisted living facilities’ efficiency by finding the right HRIS and Payroll system.

Tracking government and general operations requirements to operate nursing homes and assisted living facilities can be overwhelming and time consuming. Outsourcing HR information management and payroll processing can ease administrative burdens and streamline daily payroll and HR workflows.

For multiple location nursing homes and assisted living facilities, finding a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) HRIS/Payroll system is ideal for providing corporate and location managers access to real-time data. Full-service functionality can include background checks, time and attendance, employee document management, on-boarding/off-boarding, tax credits, benefits and COBRA administration.

Streamlining your payroll and HR processes with one system allows for flexibility and standardized tracking throughout each of your nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Increase Your Assisted Living Facilities’ Efficiency by Finding the Right HRIS and Payroll System

From tracking occupancy types to general patient information and inventory, with all the details that go into managing nursing homes and assisted living facilities, you shouldn’t have to worry about tracking labor distribution, shift differentials and paper timesheets, too. With the right integrated HRIS and payroll system, you can spend more time focusing on your residents and spend less time on daily HR management and payroll tasks.

With the right HRIS and payroll system, outsourcing can do this for you:

  • Streamline hiring and re-hiring processes with an integrated HRIS and payroll system that stores all employee data and does not purge data for active or terminated employees.
  • Run background checks on your new hires and current employees to ensure the health and safety of your residents in compliance with the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA).
  • Streamline wage and hour tracking for shift and part-time workers and automatically populate the payroll system with employee time data.
  • Track employee data critical to HR compliance, e.g., certifications, permits, training, I-9 filings, Workers’ Compensation injuries, OSHA, FMLA, EEO information, disciplinary actions, and more.

Not all HRIS and payroll systems offer 24/7, secure access along with a full suite of services and on-demand reporting. When was the last time you upgraded your payroll and HR technology?

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