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Payroll Tax Management

Limit your payroll tax responsibilities and alleviate your burden with Payroll Tax Management software


Payroll tax management without the hassle

Paycom’s automated Payroll Tax Management software mitigates your organization’s responsibilities of payroll tax rates. We debit your payroll taxes, deposit them on their due dates and remit your filings — all on your behalf. Just submit your payroll, and we’ll handle the rest!

Even in the middle of a quarter, we’ll handle your IRS Forms 941. And even if Paycom doesn’t handle your payroll all year, we’ll handle your Forms 940, too! Regardless, your employees will receive only one W-2. That’s just one way our Payroll Tax Management software is a load-lifter.

We can help alleviate your payroll tax burden, no matter when you become a Paycom client. We will convert and balance all your year-to-date payroll tax totals. We’ll also remove the headache of managing tax laws in your state and local jurisdictions.

Payroll Tax Management works well with


Now employees do their own payroll with a guided self-service experience.

GL Concierge

Simplify and quickly track your payroll accounting data with infinite mapping.

Paycom Pay®

Eliminate the tedious, risky job of check reconciliation by issuing employee paychecks that clear off our bank account, not yours.


See how Payroll Tax Management simplifies your processes

Yes, Paycom handles payroll tax reporting, filing and making any related payments on behalf of our clients.

Through Paycom, employees have the option to receive their Form W-2 digitally through our self-service app. If employees opt for a paper copy of their W-2, the form is mailed to their employer directly. Our clients are responsible for distributing paper Forms W-2 to their employees.

Yes, employees may opt in to receive digital Forms W-2 and other documents.

Through our Payroll Tax Management software, we file all payroll tax reports for our clients.

Yes, we file all Forms W-2 and related items — including Forms W-2 C — as needed by the IRS. Clients also have the option for Paycom to file Forms 1099 on their behalf.

In Paycom’s self-service app, it’s easy for employees to update this data themselves.

For all your payroll needs in a single software, request a meeting

For all your payroll needs in a single software, request a meeting.

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