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Labor Allocation

Easily track where your labor dollars are spent with Labor Allocation software, for better HR planning


Enjoy a labor allocation process free of administrative burden

Whether your organization requires an employee’s time to be categorized by a specific location, department, job or any other criteria you deem meaningful, Paycom’s Labor Allocation software makes the process effortless. With the software ensuring proper category assignment upon clock-in, you’re able to better track where and how the company’s money is spent without the burden of manual calculations.

Where do your organization’s labor dollars go? Our Labor Allocation software tracks that for you so you can assess needs and trends to help the company be more proactive. Additionally, the tool helps clients by clarifying which state tax laws apply to which employees.   

When employees clock in, that data automatically allocates to provide accurate compensation for work performed among locations, roles or more. No longer do they have to manually track hours. We even ensure payroll taxes are correct, diminishing the chance employees could owe upon filing.

Labor Allocation works well with

Benefits Administration

Time and Attendance

Accurately and efficiently manage when, where and how your employees report hours worked.


Easily meet operational and compliance demands for the most effective use of your workforce.

Employee Self Service®

Empower employees to enter and update their HR data on an easy-to-use app.


Learn how Labor Allocation streamlines businesses

Employees who bill their hours can track those hours by project or client, as long as clients have added those categories as labor allocations in setup of their Paycom software.

Because Paycom’s time tracking is recorded labor allocation, it’s easy to add and track those hours according to the client’s desired parameters.

Yes. Reporting those hours according to the client’s specific needs is simple since Paycom’s time tracking is recorded labor allocation.

For all your time and labor management needs in a single software, request a meeting

For all your time and labor management needs in a single software, request a meeting.

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