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Time-Off Requests

Manage employee time-off requests with software that includes automated decision-making with customizable policies.

GONE is on 24/7. Nights, weekends and holidays


Time-off tracking software designed for peace of mind

When time-off management is handled manually or across separate systems, delays, data errors and understaffing become a real danger.

Paycom’s Time-Off Requests automates and standardizes procedures, helps employers remain effectively staffed and brings greater peace of mind for employees — all in our single software. Managers can easily view online calendars to monitor which team members are scheduled off and when, quickly view employee-leave accruals and approve or deny requests.

With Time-Off Requests, managers are immediately notified when employees request time off. They can instantly approve or deny requests with or without comments, no matter their location. Data autoflows throughout our software and approved time off automatically populates on the employee’s timecard. And time-off calendars give managers a valuable overview of pending, approved and denied time-off requests.

Give your workforce the anytime, anywhere freedom they expect to view accruals (including vacation and sick leave) and easily request time off on a calendar in our mobile app. It also allows employees to sync their device calendars for automatic updates of approved PTO.

Eliminate time-off decision hassles with GONE® 

A revolutionary enhancement to Time-Off Requests, GONE allows you to set a variety of time-off decision-making criteria ensuring operations keep moving. Once GONE is set up, Paycom takes care of the rest, with automated decisions flowing seamlessly and accurately into payroll. See how this impacts everyone in your organization.

Hassles for employees? GONE.

When time-off decisions aren’t automated, employees are left with too many questions. Will their request be approved? When will it be approved? Why was it denied? Will they have to cancel their plans? GONE ensures time-off decisions are made fairly and provides quick resolutions and notifications to eliminate uncertainty, enhancing the employee experience.

Hassles for managers? GONE.

When time-off decisions aren’t automated, managers are put in a tough spot. Sometimes they’re forced to tell an employee a previously approved request is now denied due to unclear policies. Or they find themselves short-staffed when too many employees have overlapping time off. GONE lets you set criteria based on company policy and coverage needs so teams are always sufficiently staffed.

Hassles for HR and payroll? GONE.

When time-off decisions are made manually, it leads to inaccurate information that can delay payroll and force people to work late to fix it. And HR is often stuck mediating time-off denial disputes. Automating time-off decisions with GONE delivers fair, consistent and immediate resolution with accurate record-keeping to help reduce disputes, data errors and compliance risk.

Hassles for C-suite? GONE.

When time-off decisions are made without set guidelines, it casts a negative light on leadership. Employee trust begins to fade if the decisions appear unfair or unclear. And time-off mismanagement can lead to understaffing and business disruption. GONE ensures time off is consistently and fairly auto-resolved to restore employee confidence and keep your operations running smoothly.

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Time-off requests works seamlessly with

Time and Attendance

Accurately and efficiently manage when, where and how your employees report hours worked.

Benefits Administration


Our employee-driven payroll experience empowers your people to fix errors before submission.


Avoid schedule conflicts and easily meet operational and compliance demands.


Get the specifics of what Time-Off Requests does for businesses

Anyone with admin access would be able to manage and view time-off policies within Company Maintenance. Anyone with edit access to GONE would be able to manage the setup.

GONE manages those requests only if the client allows unpaid time to be requested by the employee. They would most likely be added as “respected” earnings to account for coverage needs, but the client has the option to tie them to an auto approval. If unpaid time is not an accrual that is available for the employee to request, GONE would not be able to manage them.

Yes. GONE notifies managers of time-off decisions.

No, it is not a legal requirement, but many companies include paid vacation leave in their benefits package.

  1. Communicate your time-off policies at the start.
  2. Create a system for tracking employee time-off requests.
  3. Set a deadline for requests.
  4. Create a rotating schedule for all employees.
  5. Track previous requests.

Yes. You can define rules and set criteria to adhere to your company’s policies, labor coverage needs and more. Automate decision-making based on factors such as:

  • coverage threshold to ensure staffing needs are met
  • the number of consecutive days allowed
  • rules for different departments and labor types
  • prioritizing early or late time-off submissions

For all your time and labor management needs in a single software, request a meeting

For all your time and labor management needs in a single software, request a meeting.

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