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Painless payroll and HR software for health care

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How Paycom relieves your HR and payroll headaches

Your headache:

  • Recruiting through job boards and social media
  • Tracking licenses, training and certifications
  • Paying 1099 and W-2 clinicians through separate payrolls
  • Onboarding unique employees across multiple states
  • Calculating overtime for overnight and per-diem employees
  • Managing time-consuming schedules

Paycom’s remedy:

  • Applicant Tracking posts to popular job sites and allows you to track candidates from less common sources
  • Workflows, built-in tables and custom fields to easily document and monitor credentials
  • A single health care payroll software for all employees
  • Automated onboarding based on role, location and other relevant fields
  • Configurable time tracking and payroll for complex needs in one software
  • Intuitive health care HR software with simple scheduling and shift management tools for employees


Real-time health care payroll and data management

Paycom’s comprehensive HR and payroll software combines advanced customization with hands-on implementation. Our knowledgeable support staff understands health care payroll systems and the complex needs of your business.

Simplify recruitment by automatically posting new openings to popular job sites. Track candidates and automate communication while organizing prospective hires by licensure, education and other key credentials.

Paycom’s scheduling software provides advanced insight to help health care providers easily resolve conflicts, avoid staffing shortages and maintain compliance. Forecast labor needs and accurately estimate operational costs.

Paycom’s certification management works with our Documents and Checklists tool to let new and current employees easily upload certificates and document competencies. Track employee and contractor status and remind clinicians of upcoming deadlines.

Paycom’s learning management experience includes HIPAA privacy and security training. Readily upload specialized training, automatically award certificates upon completion and track continuing education credits with custom fields.

Pay health care employees per diem rates, shift differentials, reimbursements and more while complying with wage and hour laws. Give hourly professionals control, transparency and peace of mind with Beti, our employee-guided payroll experience.

Paycom’s vaccination tracking system supports employee and patient safety and well-being while keeping your organization in compliance with state requirements. Easily gather, monitor and manage employee vaccination data and report on immunization status.

“Paycom allows more accuracy and accountability. It allows us to become better at our jobs.”

—HR director, health care organization


Learn how Paycom helps your business

It’s key to have formal processes in place to streamline your work and communications. Your HR and payroll functions may become more specialized, and those teams may be able to focus on more strategic initiatives. This only works with the right tools and systems in place. Large business HR and payroll teams need software that eliminates manual work and automates tasks, alerts, checklists, reminders, announcements, reports, provisioning and more. You need payroll that comes with checks and balances to flag missing data and avoid costly errors. Our online software has everything you need to bolster your company’s payroll.

The higher your head count, the greater your reporting requirements and the more employment laws your business is subjected to. Whether federal, state or local, employment laws are constantly changing. Compliance relies on continuing education and regular updates and legal alerts. Paycom helps your large business stay on top of employment law changes by providing HR educational resources, including webinars with HRCI and SHRM continuing education units.

If you’re a multistate employer (especially if you hire remote workers), you know all too well the headaches that come with constantly adding employees in new work locations to payroll. Many factors — such as how much and often you’re required to pay people — differ from location to location. Payroll tax types and rates also change frequently. Large businesses have to follow established employment processes and regularly update policies and practices to stay compliant.

Payroll solutions for large companies vary in cost and complexity. Large business HR and payroll executives should take a holistic view of their organizations’ tools and systems to identify current process pain points and any functionality gaps. Your large business may rely heavily on its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, but it doesn’t offer sufficient HR and payroll capabilities. Perhaps you’re looking to prioritize the applicant and employee experience to improve recruitment and employee retention. To learn more about how Paycom does all that and more, schedule a customized demo.

Among other providers, payroll “solution” pricing varies wildly, depending on the quality of the technology and the level of service provided. Watch out for providers who offer discounted or “free” payroll software to lure you in. These often have inadequate privacy policies that allow them to use your employees’ information however they want. This creates a major liability for the employer who is responsible for ensuring the privacy and security of their employees’ data.

Paycom’s single-database software employs comprehensive, in-depth and industry-proven standards and technologies to protect and defend customer data and its privacy in our environment. As one of the few payroll processors to be ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 9001, ISO 22301, SOC 1 and SOC 2-certified, Paycom’s information security and privacy management and quality management systems are formally audited and verified for compliance annually. Paycom uses 256-bit encryption technology to protect your employees’ data at rest and in transit over the internet. We use the latest tech on endpoints, servers and perimeter, as well as next-generation firewalls to protect our software and networks. Our 24/7/365 security command center uses monitored detection and response (MDR) to catch and address any unauthorized access attempts or suspicious web traffic. Our cybersecurity framework also includes redundant infrastructure with fail-over capabilities. Paycom’s diverse, load-balanced internet lines are serviced by multiple network providers. We also train our entire workforce monthly on cybersecurity awareness, and we perform weekly penetration testing. For more information on how we keep your employees’ data private and secure, click here.

With Paycom’s general ledger software, GL Concierge, you can generate and export GL reports from Paycom into your accounting software. Our custom reports perfectly map to any file layout for seamless importing of payroll journal and cash requirement data.

For all your payroll needs in a single software, choose Paycom.