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Time and Attendance

Accurately and efficiently manage when, where and how your employees report hours worked with Time and Attendance software


Timekeeping software for accurate, efficient tracking   

With Paycom’s Time and Attendance tracking software, you can accurately and efficiently manage when, where and how your employees report their hours worked. With customized rules, batch editing and timecard management features at your fingertips, it’s easy to accommodate even the most complex time attendance system software needs. Employees manage their time; you manage your labor needs.

Whether your workplace is a single or multiclock environment, employees can clock in and out using our mobile self-service app, web-based time clocks or kiosks, or hardware terminals from biometric to badge-swipe. Regardless, their approved time automatically syncs to payroll, eliminating data reentry.

You enjoy the flexibility to search for timecards with missing punches, PTO, bonuses or more. Use batch-editing to enter a punch or hours, and set rules for rounding, shifts crossing midnight, bonuses, shift and weekend differentials and holidays worked — all in our employee attendance software.

For control to help prevent incorrect reporting or time theft, including buddy punching, add Geofencing and Microfence™. With the latter using Bluetooth beacons, these tools allow employees to clock in or out on their mobile device only when they’re physically within a predetermined boundary. We also offer physical terminals with biometric attendance software.

Managers can edit and approve employees’ submitted time online — and even while they’re on the go — with Paycom’s easy-to-use mobile app. No matter their location, all approved time instantly flows throughout our employee attendance management software, making data reentry a thing of the past.

With all time data in one timekeeping software, reporting is simple

  • time detail
  • tardy and lunch tardy summaries
  • missing punches
  • punch audit
  • total hours summary by employee
  • total hours summary by department
  • labor/overtime analysis
  • and more, all customizable

Increase efficiency by automating time tasks

Over 6.5 million Americans rely on Paycom’s technology every year

“Since we started using Paycom, we’ve eliminated so much work that was on our payroll employee. Our employees love the access to their information, especially PTO requests.”

executive management analyst
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Time and Attendance works well with

Benefits Administration


Now employees do their own payroll with a guided self-service experience. 

Labor Allocation

Easily track where your labor dollars are spent, for better HR planning.

GONE is on 24/7. Nights, weekends and holidays

Time-Off Requests

Manage employee time-off requests with automated decision-making.


Get the specifics of what Time and Attendance does for businesses

Time and attendance software automates the process of recording when employees start and end their work as well as their breaks. It helps track attendance, manage overtime and generate detailed reports for payroll purposes. It replaces traditional timekeeping methods, reducing errors and improving efficiency in workforce management.

  • Reduced administrative work: Automates manual tasks like time sheet management and payroll calculations, freeing up resources for strategic tasks.
  • Improved accuracy: Eliminates human error in timekeeping and ensures accurate payroll.
  • Increased productivity: Provides insights into employee productivity and helps identify areas for improvement.
  • Enhanced compliance: Helps businesses comply with labor laws and regulations related to employee work hours and overtime.
  • Employee satisfaction: Provides convenient and flexible ways to track their time and encourages accountability.
  • Employees can clock in and out at their desk with web-based time clocks or by using biometric, badge swipe or other types of hardware terminals in a single or multi-clock environment.
  • Employees and managers can edit and approve time online.
  • Update payroll automatically with approved time data.

Yes, employees can track time online through Employee Self-Service® on their mobile device or desktop computer.

Yes. These systems typically have features to track and monitor employee work hours, including overtime hours. By automating the calculation of overtime based on defined rules, the software helps ensure accurate and compliant overtime payments. This can prevent errors, enhance transparency and provide insights into overtime trends, enabling better control over labor costs and adherence to labor regulations.

Yes. Remote workers often have flexible schedules, and time and attendance software allows them to track their hours accurately whether they work early mornings, late nights or split shifts. They can simply clock in and out remotely through a web browser or mobile app.

For shift workers, time and attendance software makes it easy for employers to create and manage employee schedules, assign shifts and track availability. This can be especially helpful for businesses with complex scheduling needs, such as those with rotating shifts or on-call employees.

Paycom utilizes 256-bit encryption technology to protect all information, at rest and in transit over the internet.

For all your time and labor management needs in a single software, request a meeting

For all your time and labor management needs in a single software, request a meeting.

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