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Delivering HR and payroll efficiency to the supply chain

Over 1 million 5-star ratings of the Paycom app

When supply chain companies want to increase revenue and efficiency, HR and payroll often gets overlooked. Watch the video to see how streamlining HR and payroll in Paycom’s single, easy-to-use software helps keep costs low to maintain, and even increase, profit margins.

“Because of Paycom, we’re getting drivers on the road three to five days faster than before!”

—HR team, delivery company

Award-winning HR and payroll innovation

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Paycom’s solutions to supply chain bottlenecks

With goods and administrative costs on the rise, it’s crucial for supply chain companies to find efficiencies wherever possible. Paycom helps you avoid wasting time and resources, maximize workforce planning and keep operations running smoothly. This frees team members to focus on increasing revenue and serving your customers.

With Paycom’s Beti®, your employees review and approve their own payroll before submission, reducing errors and preventing unwelcome surprises. Our payroll makes it easy to reimburse employees for company expenses like mileage and equipment, with approved expenses flowing directly to payroll. We also help you pay hourly, transportation and logistics employees according to industry best practices and wage and hour laws including the Motor Carrier Act and FLSA.

Our applicant tracking software helps your job postings reach the widest possible audience with instant, free posting to top job boards and websites. Easily track candidates’ statuses, automate email and text communications and tie questionnaires to specific jobs and hiring workflow stages. Report on critical criteria like CDL licenses and heavy equipment operating certificates and capture metrics like cost per hire and time to fill open positions.

Through Employee Self-Service®, Paycom gives employees direct, 24/7 access to update and manage their HR and payroll data in one easy-to-use app. They’re able to finish onboarding before their start date, clock in and out, request time off, view schedules, get answers to their work-related questions, take training courses and more — all from the palm of their hands.

Optimize scheduling with reports on labor allocations, cost and forecasting. Employees get visibility into available shifts, company holidays, approved time off and team member schedules, allowing them to swap. You can also incentivize less-desirable shifts with built-in shift differentials that flow straight to payroll.

Free up front-line managers to travel between worksites and oversee field operations with our mobile management tool, Manager on-the-Go®. It lets them complete essential management tasks — such as approving timecards, time-off requests, expense requests and schedules — remotely from anywhere in the world. This keeps operations running smoothly.

Our compliance software helps you hire safely with required MVRs, DOT drug and alcohol tests, and physicals. Our role-based onboarding checklists assign, order and track background check tasks, statuses and results. You can also set reminders when it’s time to renew expiring credentials and stay OSHA-compliant with built-in accident, injury and illness forms and other important documents.

Paycom Learning lets you choose from a vast collection of existing training courses or purchase content subscriptions that meet your safety training needs. Import specialized SCORM-compliant training content or link your training workflow to external training resources. Automatically issue training certificates upon completion and report on incomplete training status.

Backed by the best certifications in the industry

“We’re trying to attract the next generation into the manufacturing environment, and we’ve had success utilizing tools like Paycom to modernize what we’re doing and appeal to a more tech-friendly demographic.”

—CEO, manufacturer

“The user interface was the decision-maker for me. It was all about the ability to follow through and see information easily.”

—HR director, manufacturer

“Our previous provider had an app, but it wasn’t user-friendly. Paycom is a better experience for the employee. They find it easier, especially driving from property to property, to input stuff via their phone.”

—controller, property management company

“We went from paper-based everything to now everything runs through Paycom.”

—risk and safety manager, construction contractor

“Being able to utilize the tools we have in Paycom to have HR and ops meet in the middle — that’s definitely the most notable impact.”

—CEO, manufacturer

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Learn how Paycom helps your operation

Yes! In addition to Paycom Learning, customers may purchase specialized training such as basic OSHA compliance training. It includes 5 OSHA-specific courses and 13 HAZWOPER courses that align with OSHA regulations. Because Paycom Learning is SCORM compliant, your courses can be easily uploaded to it. You can also upload required OSHA posters, notices and forms through our Documents and Checklists tool so your employees have all the necessary materials they need to be OSHA compliant.

Paycom provides comprehensive recruiting, hiring and onboarding tools that streamline the entire process. With Paycom’s Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), hiring managers can quickly and easily find the right candidates for each position. It allows you to generate custom links and push the job posting to supply chain, tech and logistics-specific job boards. Paycom’s Onboarding tool allows employees to complete any new-hire paperwork before Day 1 so they can start contributing immediately. This makes it easier to hire during peak seasons. Paycom Learning allows you to create learning paths that your crew can complete through the mobile app.

Paycom allows you to track and report on employees’ labor allocation and costs by job, department and work location. Custom ERP-compatible reports are available on demand to export this insightful data simply and efficiently.

Yes! You can tie different training and onboarding workflows to specific departments, locations and employment statuses. For example, you may have training assigned only to staff members who work in California.

Yes! With Paycom, you can track different operations-related expenses, like mileage, lodging, vehicles, equipment, etc. And it all happens in our single software. This means no more juggling multiple systems with different logins.

No. Paycom automatically accounts for pay details like tax codes, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of it. Once payroll expenses are approved, they automatically flow to payroll with correct tax deductions before being paid out. You can rest easy knowing Paycom will help you stay compliant with tax rules and regulations.

Our single software allows you to easily record and report on employees’ assigned vehicles and equipment via custom inventory fields.

Paycom provides a single software and a robust support team to ensure you have a strong partner that empowers you to meet your goals. Paycom helps you stay compliant with rules and regulations, including wage and hour laws and FLSA. And our dedicated support team ensures you have someone who knows your needs inside and out and can prioritize help accordingly.

Paycom’s payroll software, Beti, automatically flags payroll errors, then guides employees to fix them before submission. Because your crew owns their own pay data and approvals, you can rest assured their pay is accurate every time.

As a human capital management (HCM) solution, Paycom’s smooth and efficient transition — from application to onboarding — elevates the employee experience, helping you retain the best talent.

Employees can change their language preference in Employee Self-Service to display in Spanish. Note: Any content created in Paycom by the client administrator would not be available in Spanish unless translated by the client.

For all your payroll needs in a single software, choose Paycom.