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Declare Your Independence from Multiple HR and Payroll Systems: 5 Tips to Finding the Total Package

In today’s restaurants, HR and payroll technology plays an increasingly important role in effectively managing labor costs, mitigating compliance risk and streamlining operations. But, if you’re using different vendors and multiple systems to meet your human capital management (HCM) needs, you could face various challenges.

The challenges of multiple vendors

    • Increased cost and administrative burden: Paying to maintain multiple systems can take a bite out of already razor-thin profit margins. Also, any efficiency your business gained from automating HR and payroll processes could be lost to tasks that a multiple-system setup creates, like data re-entry.
    • Human error: When an employee has to enter the same HR or payroll data into various, individual systems, opportunities exist for errors, which could put your business at greater risk of payroll mistakes and government noncompliance.
    • Disjointed reporting: Systems that don’t work together can result in a lack of comprehensive workforce analytics, making it that much harder for you to gain important workforce insights.

Finding the total package

If you’re ready to overcome these challenges, further streamline your processes and free yourself from the burden of multiple HR and payroll systems, consider these tips when looking for a new provider:

        1. Look for the total package in one application.
          Beware of the difference in how vendors package their technology. A “single-source solution” and a “single-application solution” are not the same thing. Single-source solutions typically provide a product set of multiple programs that have to be integrated, whereas a single-application solution typically consists of a core system of record maintained in a single database for all HCM functions.
        2. Search for attributes that will have a positive impact on your business.
          Does the system you’re evaluating help solve your biggest problems? Can it assist you with hiring, scheduling, payroll, compliance and recordkeeping?
        3. Do your due diligence.
          Once you’ve found a potential match, research everything about that company, from its financial stability to its quality management processes.
        4. Ask for security assurance.
          Consider contacting the company you’re thinking about partnering with to request documentation on the security of its technology infrastructure and find out if there are data-protection features in its software.
        5. Search for a vendor committed to improvement.
          How often does your potential provider release software updates? How quickly can sudden compliance-driven updates be implemented? Finding a technology vendor with the agility to meet the changing needs of your business and industry will serve you better long-term.

Restaurateurs face enough challenges when it comes to HR and payroll, without the added burden of utilizing, maintaining and paying for multiple systems. Finding the right single-database application can help you continually streamline your operations, cut costs and mitigate compliance risk.

For more tips and insight on how to find the right HR solution for your business, download our free white paper, “Top 7 Tips to Consider When Switching HR & Payroll Companies.”