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“Paycom is a comprehensive and reliable system which can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our daily operation. The system and support staff give us confidence of office automation that can sharply reduce the workload of our payroll/HRIS needs.”

vice president of business development



“We are a new company and needed a new payroll system that had the capability to grow with us. We wanted to have a level of comfort that whoever we engaged to help with our payroll needs would be honest and forthright. Paycom has exceeded our expectations in all areas.”

chief financial officer

professional services


“My life has completely changed at work. I get excited to do payroll instead of dreading coming in every other Monday. I will praise Paycom to anyone and everyone I talk to. Paycom can change the way our entire company is run, in the best way possible.”

corporate office manager



“I am impressed with the fact that I have a designated account specialist assigned to my account rather than getting in touch with a call center and getting a different customer service rep each time I call in for help. With Paycom, processing payroll is an easier task. If there is a problem, my account specialist is easily accessible.”

administrative secretary

public administration


“One of our favorite features has been Applicant Tracking, since it automates the recruiting and interview processes. This has helped us find qualified candidates to fill our open positions faster than ever. Keeping track of candidates, hiring employees and setting them up in the system is a very simple process now.”

payroll and HR coordinator

professional services


“I would recommend Paycom to any company that is looking to simplify their payroll process and enhance their HR needs while providing their employees with a user-friendly system. But more importantly, I would recommend Paycom because their customer service is above and beyond the norm, and that is priceless.”


manufacturing industry


Case Studies

Client testimonials

Streamlined HR and payroll processes provide the lift businesses need to succeed.

Read the case studies below to learn how these businesses leverage the power and efficiency of single-software HR tech.

“Paycom allows us to manage our extremely complex infrastructure in a very streamlined way that makes us efficient and productive. [This] allows us to provide the best service possible because we’re not wasting our time managing our internal process.”

vice president



“It’s beneficial for our time. We can focus on other projects instead of worrying about what we have to do inside of the HR system.”

HR director

industrial parts supplier


“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Paycom gave me my job back!”

vice president of HR

real estate developer


“The fact that everything’s in the cloud and it is a full, true life cycle of an employee, from beginning to end, is super fantastic. This is the one-stop shop.”

HR manager

multistate parts supplier


“Paycom fits really well with my mission: Let’s stop doing what we’re familiar with and start embracing automation for efficiency. It lowers our costs and gives us more profits so we can invest more in our employees.”

vice president



“I just finished my second payroll with Paycom and I’ve got to tell you folks, Beti is the future of payroll. It is the most seamless, stress-free system I have ever worked with.”


health care


“Pushing the digital boundaries of our HRIS system: That’s what really looked good to us. Beti brought payroll to the next step, where it gave more ownership to the employees. The benefit for us? It ensures that payroll’s accurate.”


credit union


“Every CEO in America should use Paycom.”


aviation engine maintenance facility