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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

From professional development to personal safety, our people are our priority because we know engaged employees equate to a better experience for our clients. That’s why Paycom engages and empowers them through a culture championing positivity, grit and innovation.

An inclusive environment for all

At Paycom, we support inclusion, diversity, equity and belonging. We have zero tolerance for racism, harassment or discrimination and have demonstrated that as an organization. Still, we understand there is much more work to do. We encourage every one of our team members to form deeper relationships with those around them based on mutual respect, dignity and understanding.

Workforce by gender

All Paycom employees

51.3% female 48.7% male

First or midlevel officials & managers

48.5% female 51.5% male

Executive or Sr. level officials & managers

45.2% female 54.8% male

Workforce by race and ethnicity

All Paycom employees

2.7% american indian or alaskan 9.7% asian 8.1% black or african american 8.6% hispanic or latino 0.3% native hawaiian or pacific islander 4.2% two or more races 66.4% white

First or midlevel officials & managers

2.2% american indian or alaskan native 4.3% asian 2.4% black or african american 4.1% hispanic or latino 3% two or more races 84% white

Executive or Sr. level officials & managers

4.8% black or african american 2.4% hispanic or latino 92.8% white

*The above data summarizes our workforce demographics as of Dec. 31, 2021. The workforce demographic data, including race and ethnicity, gender and job categories, aligns with the EEO-1 Component 1 data collection reporting requirements outlines by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

To learn more about our workforce, culture and other initiatives, view our full Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Paycom’s goals for inclusion and diversity in the workplace are to ensure that:

  • employees feel heard, valued and appreciated for who they are
  • we foster a work environment where employees feel safe to share their story
  • we encourage diversity of thought through open dialogue and engagement
  • we build and retain a more diverse workforce through recruitment and continuous development
  • we identify opportunities to strengthen the diverse communities where we live and work

Our hope is for our entire workforce to do its part to combat bias and divisiveness, as individuals and as an organization.

Better Conversations

To help our clients foster productive conversations of their own, we added a collection of diversity and inclusion courses to our digital platform, the Paycom Learning tool. It covers key topics like bias, fostering inclusion, inclusive leadership, hiring diverse talent and more. In addition to offering this educational tool to our clients, Paycom has incorporated diversity and inclusion training, including the courses listed above, as part of our own employee learning experience.

To encourage and engage in productive dialogue, Paycom launched the Better Conversations series, where we seek to understand and to be understood. By listening to learn in an open forum and safe atmosphere, we believe these sessions allow us to gather ideas for an even more inclusive workplace.

Equal employment opportunity

Paycom celebrates diversity, inclusion and fairness in the workplace. To help further these goals, we are committed to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policies.

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