Keep a finger on the pulse of your business with Paycom’s revolutionary new Direct Data Exchange, the industry’s first comprehensive look into the efficiencies gained and remaining through employee usage of HR technology.

Direct Data Exchange screenshot

Paycom’s Direct Data Exchange provides employers with:

  • a comprehensive, real-time employee usage score
  • a detailed view into data entries made by HR vs. those made by the employee
  • an assigned dollar value (based upon Ernst & Young research) to employees being most efficient entering and updating their HR-related information
  • associated costs (based upon Ernst & Young research) with employer-entered data that could have been done more efficiently and cost-effectively by the employee
  • organizational employee usage trends broken down by client’s preferred time frame
  • total logins to Employee Self-Service through any device, and percentage of those through the free Paycom app, available on the App Store® and Google Play®
Direct Data Exchange screenshot

Companywide usage of HR technology benefits everyone in the organization.

  • Having 24/7 access to their HR data empowers employees to take responsibility for its accuracy.
  • Free of that administrative burden, HR executives enjoy fewer interruptions and more time to invest in talent management.
  • The C-suite values the increases in productivity, engagement, retention, profits and overall ROI.

Boost your workplace performance with the latest innovation in HR technology. To learn more, and see Direct Data Exchange in action, schedule a demo.

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