Better prepare students for the future

Learn how Paycom's payroll and HR software can help your role.


Unfortunately, HR challenges can divert time and resources away from what matters most: students.

Paycom’s cloud-based, customizable HR and payroll technology can help streamline operations, meet accreditation requirements, store documents for audits, and devote more resources toward achieving positive educational and organizational outcomes.

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Challenge 1: High Turnover

High teacher turnover negatively affects students’ success in several ways. Finding a system that can help you minimize attrition is crucial to creating a culture focused on learning and building a team who can help students realize their full academic potential.

With Paycom’s all-in-one payroll and HR solution, you can find, hire and keep good teachers and foster an environment conducive to students’ and teachers’ success.

Paycom makes it easy to...

  • create a database of résumés, searchable by degree, certification and license
  • perform thorough background checks and E-Verify® with the click of a button
  • provide employees with convenient, 24/7 access to their information
  • provide growth and professional development opportunities with Paycom Learning

Challenge 2: Complex Payroll

Contract employees, clergy, substitutes, unionized teachers, adjunct professors, student workers: Payroll in education can be complicated and time-consuming. But Paycom's customizable, comprehensive payroll and HR management solution can help you automate the payroll process, eliminate errors, avoid exposure to payroll tax liabilities and even keep track of teacher certifications, medical information and more.

With Paycom, you can...

  • customize the system to automatically deduct 403(b) contributions, union dues and more
  • ensure teachers’ bonuses and stipends are calculated correctly
  • track expenses and update payroll automatically with reimbursement information
  • comply with payroll recordkeeping requirements

Challenge 3: Rising Costs of Benefits

With nearly 22 percent of schools’ overall budgets going toward employee benefits, streamlining your administration process is crucial to keeping costs down and meeting budget requirements.

With Paycom, you can...

  • get the best rates on benefits with our Census Report for brokers
  • increase efficiency by automating the open enrollment process
  • reduce errors that can lead to COBRA or HIPAA noncompliance
  • securely store employees’ benefits information
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