Direct Data Exchange®

Maximize the ROI on your HR technology to help HR spend time with people, not paperwork.


Honored as an Awesome New Technology at the 2019 HR Tech Conference! Learn more.

Our revolutionary, industry-first Direct Data Exchange tool lets you:

  • keep a finger on the pulse of your business in real time
  • instantly gauge workforce efficiencies gained through companywide HR tech usage
  • empower employees to take responsibility for data accuracy with 24/7 access to HR information

HR technology usage benefits everyone in the organization:

  • HR professionals can focus on business-forward initiatives, instead of administrative burdens.
  • Company executives can see higher returns in productivity, engagement, retention, profits and overall technology ROI.
  • Employees have 24/7 access to their data – no more after-hours calls for employment verification, benefits information and more.
Employees using accessing their data on various devices through the Paycom app.

Our usage reporting software provides employers with:

  • real-time results and employee usage score, automatically monitored
  • assigned dollar values and associated costs (based on Ernst & Young research) for each task performed by the employee
  • a graphical dashboard for big-picture views, with the ability to drill down by product, time frame, device, individual and more
  • a detailed view into data entries made by HR compared to those made by the employee to find opportunities to increase employee usage

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