Time Clocks and Terminals

Make time collection as easy as possible, while reducing payroll errors and time theft.

Web-based time clocks allow employees to clock in/out or enter hours worked through our app.

Approved time data automatically flows to payroll.

This eliminates your need to manually calculate time sheets and re-key information!

Our automated process provides 24/7 access for employers and employees.

Screenshots of someone clocking in with Paycom's time clock software.

Our time clock software allows you to:

  • prevent unauthorized punches, with geofencing and IP address filtering enabled
  • control clock in/out times so employees are paid only for scheduled shifts
  • restrict punch types to help ensure correct data

Hardware terminals

Hardware terminals

Ideal for single- or multi-clock environments, our hardware terminals may be purchased or leased. As with our web time clocks, collected data digitally transfers to payroll, eliminating re-entry!

Person clocking in with a Paycom Time Clock Terminal.

To meet varying workforce needs, we offer three types of terminals:

biometric, with fingerprint files to eliminate buddy punching icon

biometric, with fingerprint files to eliminate buddy punching

standard badge-swipe icon

standard badge-swipe

proximity-sensor icon


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