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3 Benefits When Employees Manage Their Own HR Information

According to Statista, the average internet user aged 18-32 spends approximately 7.43 hours online daily. And they’re not alone! For years, instead of going to the mall to purchase new clothing, waiting on your bank statement to be delivered to your mailbox or driving to the movies to see the latest hit, it’s become normal to do it all electronically – and typically through an app.

Of course, apps do more than just giving you an alternative to a printed bank statement. Take, for example, HR information. Many payroll and human capital management companies have developed apps to support their version of self-service technology, giving employees real-time access to their data.  While numerous HCM providers require employees to manage two or more apps, best-of-industry solutions provide easy access through a single app. This provides users with a seamless experience and doesn’t require them to login to multiple apps.

Your employees already use apps daily to manage just about everything else, so why not trust them to control their own personal records? Here are three benefits in doing so:

3. Better employee engagement

First, allowing employees to access their personal information increases their engagement at work.

According to the Pew Research Center, 74% of millennials agree that technology makes life easier. Access to data 24/7 means employees don’t have to wait visit HR in person and ask to update their records. They conveniently can add dependents, update their addresses and enroll in benefits any time, any place, using their smartphone.  On-the-go access to trainings through a Learning Management System (LMS), the ability to request time off conveniently online and the freedom to access pay stubs from work, home – or anywhere – are all examples of what your workforce wants in a stellar employee experience.

When executed correctly, self-service technology can positively impact your whole culture, from top-level executives to interns alike. In turn, favorable employee engagement can result in 20% higher productivity and 21% higher profitability, according to a Gallup study.

2. Time saved

Chances are you probably didn’t spend four years in college to enter data all day, every day. You earned your degree to build a career and become a valuable resource to your future employer, focusing on big-picture strategy and tactics.

So while you’re busy planning ways to increase employee engagement, do you really have five hours to enter information for all 20 new hires, or – even worse – record it manually on a spreadsheet?

Zero chance.

Employers who trust their employees to manage their own information work smarter, not harder, and get more time back in their day to manage more important initiatives, like retention.

1. Increased accuracy and compliance

Who better to manage their information than your employees themselves? If a member of your HR team enters a Social Security number incorrectly, the mistake may not be caught until the employee tries to use his or her insurance at the doctor’s office.

However, if the employee enters his or her own address or dependent information incorrectly, they are likely to catch and correct it immediately, without having to contact you. Plus, increased accuracy goes hand-in-hand with compliance – a win-win.

The solution

All this can be accomplished through the Paycom app. Our comprehensive software allows members of your workforce to manage their personal data in one location. Single sign-in provides easy, instant access to paystubs, benefit information, expenses, timecards, time-off accruals and more.

Best of all, employees only have to learn how to use one easy app and manage one login, as opposed to multiple platforms.

What happens when employees aren’t able to access their own information quickly and easily? Find out here.