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Building a Better Industry

In an industry as competitive as manufacturing, gaining an edge over the competition is essential. You’re already trying to operate as efficiently and safely as possible, so what’s the next most effective way to enhance your operation?

According to a Deloitte study, “building digital muscle” is an effective way to set yourself apart, making investments toward cloud-computing and digital scalability as methods of managing the uncertainty risks in the labor and trade markets.

Hr tech can help streamline processes for the manufacturing industry

How HR management software can help

Before a single piece of equipment gets powered up on the factory floor, company leadership has to ensure their processes will deliver maximum efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance from start to finish.

The same values should apply to routine administrative processes. Having a single software to automate payroll, recruiting, training and compliance functions would allow them time to focus on achieving strategic goals while avoiding the costly fines and delays noncompliance can create.

Finding the right people is always a challenge

According to Deloitte, the manufacturing industry is due for a huge demographic shift, as 2.6 million baby boomers will retire in the next decade. The need to attract young, talented employees has never been greater. Even a simple, paper-based application process could cause a company to miss out on top talent. If recruits think one aspect of your operation is outdated, they might assume your professional development opportunities, market relevance and even safety standards are obsolete.

HR tech can help the manufacturing industry with applicant processes, HR management and compliance

The answer is in the process

Any manufacturer can tell you efficient, streamlined processes are the ones that have an impact. The Deloitte research comes to the same conclusion, offering cloud computing and agile, scalable digital systems as a way to help manufacturers deal with the risk of a changing future. If manufacturers can take a page from their own playbook, they’ll find a new competitive advantage in using tech to make the next jump in the industry’s evolution.

HR tech to the rescue

Not all tech has to be on the factory floor to help a manufacturer find success.

Paycom’s single software helps manufacturers of all sizes streamline their payroll, HR and compliance processes. Before new hires put on that hard hat, Paycom’s Applicant Tracking tool helps recruiters identify and recruit the top applicants to ensure the organization brings in the best possible workforce.

Efficiency, safety and consistency are at the heart of any manufacturing operation, and Paycom brings those same values to your HR and payroll functions, to help you gain industry-leading effectiveness that sets you apart.