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How 1 Software Solution Saved This Company $25K a Year

“Really clunky – painful, to say the least,” is not how an HR professional would ever want to describe their HR software. Yet that’s exactly how a controller from a fast-casual restaurant chain with more than 1,200 employees across six states described the self-service tool the company used prior to Paycom.

“Multiple parts were mushed together; it wasn’t seamless. It didn’t make sense from a logical perspective,” said the controller.

In fact, managers and their employees found the system so difficult to use, they opted out of using it whenever possible. Headquarters had to reserve three to four hours each week to update employee information, answer software questions or reset passwords – ultimately slowing down the process for more important initiatives, like onboarding.

Given the high turnover rate in the restaurant industry, frustration soon reached a boiling point.

The solution

That’s when Paycom entered the picture. Paycom’s all-in-one app resolved multiple issues for the fast-casual chain, including providing exceptional customer service – a value the restaurant chain is known for nationwide.

“We’re in the hospitality business, so it’s really important for us to have that customer service, and that’s something we got right out of the gate with Paycom,” she said.

And those three to four hours headquarters spent each week updating employee information? With Paycom, management now spends a mere 30 minutes handling employee requests, saving almost 20 workdays per year.

“With the transition to Paycom, it’s allowed me in my role to be less transactional and focus more on strategic things,” said the controller.

Additionally, streamlined HR and payroll processes allowed the chain to grow from seven locations to 25 without having to add another part-time accountant, saving $25,000 annually.

How can Paycom help you reach your organizational goals? Read the full case study or register for our webinar featuring the restaurant chain’s controller to learn more.