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Seasonal Hiring in the Modern Age

Every holiday season provides companies with unique challenges and opportunities. This year, retailers are recognizing the shift in our shopping habits by bringing on the seasonal staff needed to fulfill online orders. Three of America’s largest retailers announced they will collectively hire an estimated 240,000 seasonal workers, with 20,000 of those dedicated to staffing seasonal e-commerce needs at one retailer.

The 2020 holiday season might not look exactly like years past, but if seasonal shopping is still happening, then seasonal hiring is still on many organizations’ to-do lists. To some employers, holiday hiring means a flood of paper applications and tedious, manual hiring processes, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

What tools does a busy business need to simplify this vital process?

Virtual recruiting

From virtual career fairs to video job interviews, finding prospective hires has never been easier. Virtual recruiting gives your HR staff the ability to simultaneously cast a wider net with mass hiring and raise the recruiting standards for new hires. Using a software that automatically sorts applicants by desired qualifications means you have easy access to the most qualified candidates. Most importantly, it saves time and resources for your HR department.

Applicant tracking software

Embracing a web-based platform to connect with candidates is a great idea, especially if you’re targeting a younger labor pool. Applicant tracking software provides employers a modern way to streamline hiring. Instead of sifting through a stack of paper resumes, a solid system makes it easy for applicants to apply while protecting the employer from exposure to employment law violations.

Digital onboarding and training

Candidates provide a lot of information when they apply.

One of the many benefits of a single-database software is the simplification of the onboarding process. Once you decide who you like, applicant tracking and hiring software can automatically transfer their personal data into the necessary HR and payroll files. But before they can work, they must be trained!

App-based HR software with customizable training features can provide 24/7 access so new hires can receive essential information without needing experienced staff to conduct in-person training. This convenient learning method also allows you to test new hires’ knowledge and keep records of their instruction to avoid costly noncompliance fines.

Here’s a present you can open early

Versatile HR platforms like Paycom’s single software offer an easy way to tackle the seasonal hiring process with ease. Applicant tracking tools streamline your recruiting and hiring process so the best candidates don’t slip through the cracks. When you’ve hit your hiring mark, you’ll easily get your newest co-workers set up in the company’s HR system.

With robust HR software helping you tend to your seasonal hiring needs, you can take some time to enjoy the pumpkin-spice season.

If you’d like to see how Paycom can help you make the most of this lucrative time of year, click here to schedule a demo!