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How to Leverage HR Tech to Increase Profitability for Your Portfolio

In today’s rapidly transforming world, technology is becoming a part of nearly every aspect of our lives, but one area has yet to catch up: the workplace. The right HR technology helps employers engage their workforce and replaces disparate systems to improve EBITDA and achieve efficiencies.

Today’s digital reality is about more than just the convenience of the user. In an Ernst & Young report, researchers found that performing HR tasks manually – or not allowing employees to access and enter their own information – now costs an average of $4.51 for each point of data entry. When businesses stick with these outdated HR processes, they increase the administrative burden of HR, lose employee productivity, waste time and leak profitability.

How can your business maximize administrative efficiency, increase EBITDA and measure the ROI of HR technology in order to move the exit date of your portfolio forward?

In this webinar, Paycom executive vice president of sales, Amy Vickroy, and Paycom regional vice president of sales, Scott Hoenes, join us to discuss:

  • the impact of our digital reality and how employee continuity affects business
  • why employee usage of HR technology benefits the bottom line
  • the value single-database HCM software can add to your portfolio
  • how to leverage technology to track workforce efficiency, eliminate unwarranted overhead and provide a highly quantifiable measurement of workforce efficiency for your buyers

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