See It in Action: Measuring Employee Usage of HR Tech


When: Available On Demand

Duration: 30 minutes + Q&A

Join us for an intuitive overview of Paycom’s Direct Data Exchange™. This industry-first tool measures employee adoption and usage patterns of HR software, and was one of six innovations featured in the “Awesome New Technologies in HR” session at the 2019 HR Technology Conference & Exposition. You’ll learn how employee usage positively impacts the bottom line and discover the true cost of managing your workforce’s HR data.

Using Direct Data Exchange, employers can see the cost savings associated with changes made by employees and drill down into specific aspects of the Paycom system to determine exactly where additional savings can be achieved, including processes like:

  • time and attendance
  • benefits
  • expenses
  • time-off requests
  • tax and payroll modifications

You won’t want to miss seeing how this tool’s data enables HR to have true ROI conversations with your C-suite and justifies the purchase of the right technology.

If you are a Paycom client, please consult the webinar calendar in the Paycom Help Menu within your client-side login. There, you can find training webinars specific to Paycom users.

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