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Business and development in the technology sector moves at the speed of light. Growth can happen quickly. Managing HR and payroll for a fast-growing company can be a challenge.

Paycom can help. With the most complete HR and payroll technology in a single software, we make it easy for fast-growing businesses to remain agile, attract the talent they need and easily manage it all from one system.

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Challenge 1: Managing Multiple Systems

As businesses grow, their payroll and HR needs do, too. While purchasing software to meet those needs as they arise seems tempting, doing so results in a patchwork of products that don’t work together. Tech companies need a single solution to handle it all.

With Paycom, the system you use to onboard employees is the same one you use for payroll, professional development and more.

Our single solution makes it easy to...

  • automate processes across the entire employee life cycle
  • increase efficiency by eliminating manual tasks and data re-entry
  • enjoy downtime-free updates that apply systemwide
  • drastically lower the cost of ownership
  • securely store all employee data in one database

Challenge 2: Engaging Millennial Employees

To feel happy and engaged, millennials need to know their contributions matter. Providing consistent feedback, investing in their professional development and paving their career path can go a long way.

Our talent management tools make it easy to consistently recognize and develop employees, all within budget.

With Paycom you can...

  • build a comprehensive library of positions with required competencies and salary grades
  • tie compensation to performance with a merit matrix
  • give employees 24/7 access to their reviews, so they can monitor their progress
  • deploy customized training employees can access 24/7
  • watch as pay changes automatically update in payroll

Challenge 3: Keeping Pace with Rapid Growth

The development of new technology moves rapidly, requiring tech companies to do the same. It’s important that the software you rely on daily is agile and scalable.

No matter how fast your business grows, our solution grows with you.

Paycom can help you...

  • quickly find, hire and onboard talent
  • engage and motivate your entire workforce
  • track time and manage labor costs
  • flawlessly manage payroll across multiple shifts, locations and FEINs
  • manage benefits and mitigate compliance risk
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