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What is diversity?


Diversity and Inclusion Courses

In these courses, employees will learn how to define and support diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The engaging content of this eight-episode program shows how to identify bias and promote a work environment where everyone can enjoy the benefits increased diversity and inclusion can bring.

See our complete library of foundational courses available to use at no additional cost!

Everyone on track

From new hires to seasoned execs, every employee needs practical training specific to your organization. With Paycom Learning, it’s easy to keep them in compliance and informed on certifications, rules, processes and more – with consistent instruction, regardless of physical location or head count.

Paycom Learning ties seamlessly to the rest of our application, so courses can align with workforce goals and performance.

Right on course

While Paycom Learning allows you to create training courses quickly and easily, it also includes a built-in library of courses on foundational topics. These are available for your unlimited use at no additional cost with your purchase of the Paycom Learning tool.

Courses include:

Cybersecurity course


For all employees | Course length: 20 minutes

In this internet age, we leave little pieces of information about ourselves everywhere we go. So how we can prevent those pieces from adding up into one big problem? This course covers best practices to protect you and your company’s data from cyberattacks.

Workplace Ethics course

Workplace Ethics

For all employees | Course length: 30 minutes

Ethics would be so much easier to navigate if we all had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. But we don’t, and furthermore, ethical decisions aren’t always in black and white. However, measures exist that you can take to make the best choices and build trust in the workplace.

Workplace Violence course

Workplace Violence

For all employees | Course length: 30 minutes

Your employees are your greatest asset. In other words, they’re worth ensuring that your business serves as a safe environment. That begins with preventing workplace violence, and that begins with recognizing the signs of potential problems.

Preventing discrimination and harassment

Preventing Discrimination & Harassment

For all employees | Course length: 1 hour

Today’s headlines are rife with accusations of discrimination and harassment — exactly the kind of exposure no organization wants. It takes the entire workforce to create and foster an environment that is professional, safe and equal for all, and their first step is knowing where the line is drawn, including state-specific information.

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