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Generational shifts and technology are changing the nature of the workforce and the workplace. Business leaders are looking to HR to capitalize on these disruptions, instead of being hindered by them.

However, transitioning the HR department into a talent- and retention-focused powerhouse that completes core HR functions without error can seem overwhelming. But with the right strategy and Paycom’s technology, doing just that is easier than you might think.

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Documents and Checklists provides a more efficient and secure solution for managing processes and employee files. Paycom securely stores records to meet retention requirements and protect documents from unauthorized access and disasters. Easily locate files and spend less time and money on paper, printing and storage.

  • Eliminate paper personnel files and securely store all employee paperwork and data in one cloud-based system.
  • Provide employees online access to digitally sign required forms and view important company documents.
  • Protect sensitive information and documents by customizing user access levels.
  • Electronically assign tasks by employee or employee groups for the completion of onboarding processes.
  • Set up checklists with tasks such as submitting W-4s, completing harassment training, setting up payroll, conducting exit interviews, changing employment status and more.

Reports include:

  • Manage Documents — Always know which employees have certain forms. This report from Paycom's Document Management module allows you to determine which documents have been assigned and attached to employees.
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Government and Compliance helps you to reduce exposure to violations, audits and penalties with tools that help you comply with the employment laws impacting your business. One single system of record keeps your employee data consistent and reporting capabilities quick and comprehensive for better accuracy and real-time insight.

  • Comply with FLSA, FMLA, unemployment, COBRA, OSHA, EEOC, VETS-4212 and other state and federal regulations.
  • Rely on Paycom to monitor changes in legislation that require system updates.

Reports include:

  • FMLA — Track employees’ time off.
  • Unemployment — Identify former employees who have filed unemployment claims.
  • OSHA 301 / Incident — Auditing is easier with detailed records and reports on an "on-the-job" injury.
  • OSHA 300 — Print the OSHA 300 in the government-required format.
  • EEOC Report — See a detailed report of all employees by ethnic backgrounds and job classifications.
  • VETS 4212 Report — Report all employees and new hires classified as veterans, in the government-required format.
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Benefits Administration eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets to manually administer employee benefits. Better benefits tools help educate employees, improve communication and drive informed enrollment decisions. Census and reconciliation reports ensure you do not overpay for benefits. The automation of a single system reduces errors that can lead to HIPAA, COBRA and other violations.

  • Get the best rates on benefits with our easy-to-run census report for brokers.
  • Customize plan setup, deduction amounts, enrollment dates and new-hire waiting periods.
  • Provide employees online enrollment and 24/7 access to benefit resources, including the ability to model a sample paycheck with new deduction amounts.
  • Update deduction amounts for all employees or groups of employees at once.
  • Electronically and securely update carriers with changes.

Reports include:

  • Profile Report — Know which employees are in which benefit profile, and find those who aren’t.
  • Benefit Eligibility Report — Determine which employees are eligible for benefits on a certain date and send reminders to those who have not yet enrolled.
  • Current Benefits Report — See which benefits each employee is enrolled in.
  • Benefits Summary Report — Keeping employee benefits organized can be a huge task. This valuable report shows each benefit included in each employee profile and ensures that the correct plans are listed within the correct Eligibility Profile.
  • Census Report
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Benefit Audit Report — Details the benefits changes that have been made within your specified dates.
  • Dependents Report
  • Beneficiaries Report
  • Disability Change Report
  • Incomplete Enrollment Report — Capture which employees have not completed benefits enrollment.
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COBRA Administration from Paycom helps protect you from COBRA violations, fines and penalties. A single system of record for employees requires changes to be entered only once. Certain changes – like adding a health care deduction or terminating an employee – trigger the required COBRA action to automatically keep you in compliance.

  • Enter qualifying events into the system to automatically initiate compliance measures.
  • Rely on Paycom to send required COBRA correspondence, track dates, collect and remit premiums and report on all COBRA activity.
  • Trust Paycom to react quickly to any changes in COBRA legislation that require system or process updates to keep you compliant.

Reports include:

  • COBRA — COBRA Compliance is a huge risk. With Paycom's COBRA Administration Report, track former employees who elected COBRA coverage and the reason as well as their payment history and dates. This report can be what saves your company if a former employee sues for non COBRA compliance.
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Manager Self-Service empowers managers and improves company-wide consistency in the implementation of processes with online tools for hiring, scheduling, approving timecards, time-off requests and expenses. With Talent Management, managers can drive department and employee performance with goal setting and online performance reviews.

  • Managers can search applicants, schedule interviews and approve candidates for their positions.
  • Managers can create employee schedules and review, change and approve timecards online.
  • Automate paid time-off requests and give managers the tools to make informed approvals or denials with a Time-Off Calendar and employee PTO summaries.
  • Streamline the employee expenses approval process by providing managers with an expense dashboard to view and approve or deny requests for expense reimbursement.
  • Managers can conduct employee performance reviews online.
  • Push the administrative burden of employee change requests down to the manager level with automated Personnel Action Forms.
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Personnel Action Forms from Paycom exponentially reduce the amount of time and paperwork required with employee changes. Managers enter all the information surrounding change requests. When HR approves, the system updates throughout with no rekeying of data.

  • Managers complete online Personnel Action Forms when they have an employee change request.
  • Approve the change to have it automatically take effect throughout the system.
  • Track and report on all Personnel Action Form activity.

Reports include:

  • PAF Reports — Displays proposed compensation employee changes within a given date range.
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Surveys allow you to quickly create, distribute and analyze online employee surveys with ease. From exit surveys to "rate the boss" questionnaires and other polls, users gain powerful, real-time analytics that can increase retention, improve productivity and morale and realize company goals.

  • Managers can quickly create, distribute and analyze online employee surveys with ease.
  • Utilize exit surveys, "rate the boss" questionnaires and other polls to measure and improve productivity and morale.
  • Increase retention and reduce turnover by measuring employee satisfaction.
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Enhanced ACA from Paycom is the business solution for complying with the ever-changing complexities of the Affordable Care Act. You’ll receive the convenience of having all your ACA data in a real-time dashboard, plus:

  • Peace of mind
  • IRS Forms 1094/1095-B or -C filed for you
  • Proactive alerts on actionable items
  • Comprehensive reporting and monitoring
  • Legislative updates

Features include:

  • Monitoring — get alerts on key events like approaching Applicable Large Employer status, workers nearing full-time status or employees with measurement periods ending.
  • Evaluation — Audit and review historical and current ACA data as well as employer shared responsibility requirements.
  • Reporting — Monitor ACA status changes, trending hours, coverage affordability, Employee coverage percent offered, Applicable Large Employer trends and "pay or play" calculations.
  • Education — Get the latest legislation overviews, compliance requirements and ongoing updates.
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The typical 401(k) report is full of sensitive information about your employees, including Social Security numbers, wages and salaries, and employee and employer contributions. While information required from carrier to carrier may be similar, the desired format is not. Often, this means you are forced to gather, type and submit that existing data manually for each payroll period — and that means the potential for errors looms large, every time.

With Paycom’s 401(k) Reporting tool, however, those redundant, time-consuming tasks are eliminated. We work with your plan provider to map and model your payroll data to match their needs. After each payroll is processed and finalized, the 401(k) reports are created automatically and delivered to your carrier, as well as to your secure client inbox the next day.

  • Customizes, maps and automates the process, saving you from wasted time of rekeying data every payroll to meet the carrier’s explicit instructions.
  • Automatically created after each payroll is processed and finalized.
  • Automatically delivered to your carrier and to your secure client inbox the next day.
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Overpaying for health insurance? Can you easily generate compliance reports? Is your turnover increasing? If you can measure your workforce activity, you can manage it. Paycom helps you do that with more insight into your information than any other provider. Our real-time Report Center offers the ability to report across all data stored in the system, including multiple years and EINs.

  • EEOC Report
  • OSHA 300 Report
  • FMLA Details Reports
  • VETS 4212 Reports
  • Anniversary Date Report
  • Employee Turnover Report
  • Accrual Report
  • Birthday Report
  • Employee Directory
  • Employee Supervisor Report
  • Benefit Eligibility Report
  • Benefit and COBRA Reconciliation Reports
  • Census Report
  • Employee Benefits Summary
  • PAF Activity Report
  • Survey Statistics Report
  • Audit Reports

Reports include:

  • Benefits Administration, Document Management, Surveys and Advanced Report Writers allow you to create custom reports for a more comprehensive and graphical analysis of your activity.
  • Push Reporting lets you set up recurring reports once and schedule them to be run and sent to specific users daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.
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