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Achieving HR Self-Actualization Through the Power of Beti

Your ability to be the most effective HR professional possible is critical to the success of your organization. We crafted an HR pyramid derived from Abraham Maslow’s theory on the hierarchal ordering of human needs originally published in 1943. Similar to Maslow’s design, our structure is built on a foundation of basic needs that incrementally ascends to an ideal pinnacle: HR self-actualization.

Reaching this peak is possible. And with the right HR tech, it might be closer than you think. Beti®, Paycom’s industry-first, employee-driven payroll experience, may be your best guide for the climb to the top. By putting the power of payroll in employees’ hands, Beti empowers HR to focus on higher-level and more strategic initiatives. And Direct Data Exchange® gives you the powerful analytics you need to drive employee usage across your organization.

The advantages of Beti don’t end there. In fact, it has the potential to assist you through each step of the HR pyramid!

Basic needs

Your HR department is likely well-versed in the fundamentals of its role. Benefits administration, timekeeping, onboarding and, of course, payroll make up the bedrock of your team’s functions. Yet that doesn’t mean the tedious aspects of these basics don’t weigh them down. Additionally, a smaller business may only rely on a single HR professional to address all of these tasks, making it even more difficult to focus on more meaningful endeavors.

HR Hierarchy of Needs Maslow

By enabling employees to verify their own paycheck, Beti eliminates the costly and time-consuming burden that arises when you need to make corrections to payroll. For the lone payroll administrator, this is especially useful, as Beti utilizes push notifications to encourage employees to review their pay far in advance, providing them a regular reminder to engage their HR technology.

“Instead of working feverishly to meet a 2 p.m. deadline, payroll is completed with time to spare. I think the last payroll was done at 11 a.m.,” explained one accountant.

Safety and security

Once your core functions are covered, you develop a sense of security and stability within your organization. Ensuring compliance and staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends is a necessary part of effective HR. However, it’s difficult to be proactive at this if you’re weighed down by tedious or redundant tasks.

The edge Beti gives you here is twofold. First, it awards you the ability to look ahead toward regulatory shifts by empowering employees to verify their own paychecks. Second, Beti builds a culture of understanding, as it encourages employees to ask questions about things that impact their pay — such as taxes and new compensation laws — before payroll runs. This helps reduce your organization’s liability while improving understanding overall. And given the American Payroll Association recently reported that 69% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, your ability to serve as a beacon of knowledge to your organization is increasingly important.

In tandem with this, Direct Data Exchange presents a clear and concise view of opportunities to boost employee usage of technologies related to Beti — such as Time and Attendance, Expense Management and more — as well as a breakdown of the proficiencies you gain with heightened HR tech integration.

And as your employees continue to see you as a reliable expert, you quickly climb to the HR pyramid’s next level.


Managing and contributing to employees’ development is at the heart of this stage. Here, you begin to answer the questions that incrementally build trust among your employees, while simultaneously providing assurance that your role is far more than just pushing paper. Your contributions at this level have directly affected your employees’ engagement, growth and overall wellbeing. Here, it’s crucial to ensure your employees are adopting and regularly using their HR tech.

For this purpose, Beti is indispensable as it provides insight into and transparency of compensation that benefits many employees but is difficult to obtain. Beti gives them a comprehensive review of their pay so you don’t have to. Doing so encourages employees to manage changes to their data and only contact HR when they have meaningful questions. And even if you don’t have the luxury of direct feedback, Direct Data Exchange makes it clear how employees are using technology without the need for them to report to you directly.

“They love the ability to see their checks, especially with our field employees. A lot of people live paycheck to paycheck, so if they know what’s coming in, they can make adjustments,” said the executive of a luxury auto rental service.


As you reach the fourth level, you transform from a subject matter expert to a necessary strategic partner for your business. Professional development initiatives, planning and thought leadership become an integral part of your role. When you’re bogged down by manual processes or uncertain about the integrity of your payroll data, investing time into these important, strategic actions is especially difficult.

By automating payroll, Beti helps eliminate the bane of small but nonetheless time-consuming errors as your employees have the power to catch them, reducing the time you spend vetting such discrepancies. Furthermore, Beti collects information from all aspects of the payroll cycle, giving you a thorough, easy-to-read report from the convenience of your Paycom dashboard. Direct Data Exchange parleys off this, as it gives you a broader view of your workforce’s tech usage as it relates to the tools that feed into Beti’s function.


At the top of the HR pyramid, you become a true leader within your organization as you actively help develop its culture, technological integration and long-term vision. This marks your transition from HR guru to HR innovator as your reach may even go beyond your organization and set a standard for the rest of the HR world to follow.

In fact, advancements like Beti wouldn’t be possible without the ideas and conversations that emerged from professionals at this level. Beti represents a symbol of what’s possible through HR self-actualization by:

  • reducing the time spent on payrollBeti product screens
  • improving data accuracy
  • engaging employees with technology
  • building trust within your organization
  • reducing liability
  • empowering you to focus on more meaningful initiatives

In short, Beti gives self-actualized HR professionals the capacity to consider the next great HR advancements while still enabling them to do what their field does best: support employees. Likewise, Direct Data Exchange enables you to trace employee usage and engagement beyond this crucial area, allowing you to chart your path toward HR actualization through every aspect of your business.

“You are the heart and soul of your organization’s ability to attract and develop and maintain great employees,” said Amy Edmondson on HR Break Room®. “And nothing could be more important.”

Discover how greater employee usage helps you reach the pinnacle of the HR pyramid by learning about Paycom’s comprehensive solution.


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