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Paycom Ranks as One of America's Most Trusted Companies in 2022

A key indicator of an organization’s success is the trust it instills with clients, investors and employees. Paycom was recently recognized by Newsweek as one of the nation’s most trusted companies in 2022. The honor illustrates that Paycom’s reputation coupled with its innovative focus, continues to make a positive impact.

Building trust

Organizations don’t generate trust overnight, but instead by carefully building relationships with those they serve and fostering a positive environment for employees.

Likewise, this award represents more than just one year of building trust. It reflects Paycom’s commitment to promoting a healthy, engaged and inspired workforce while crafting a legacy of innovative products and world-class client service. And this principle is key to building trust, because at Paycom, there’s no exception for purposeful interactions:

“It’s wonderful to have a human being answer the phone,” said the HR manager of one law firm using Paycom. “When you call, that connection, as a human resource person, is amazing to me. You also have that one person that knows your account and has been speaking with you for months or years, and so they know you pretty well.”

And while open and consistent communication is key, it’s not the only trust-building metric.

Committing to clients’ success

The challenges of the last few years — including the historically tight labor market — have forced businesses to quickly adapt. And even when obstacles are clear, it’s hard to overcome them without the right support.

By listening and addressing the unique organizational needs of every client, Paycom sets a precedent of industry-leading care. By providing clients with crucial compliance updates and ensuring their employees are paid on time, every time, Paycom proved preserving trust is a constant, unwavering endeavor.

“It’s like night and day. It was the best switch we made. We got an implementation team, and we knew they cared. They gave us immediate replies to any questions, and we were set up within a month, full implementation,” said the VP of operations for a fire protection company using Paycom.

This commitment is crucial in the face of a global pandemic, when uncertainty for many businesses sky-rocketed. But with relevant real-time updates and ceaseless communication with our clients, Paycom helped alleviate the HR stress of an otherwise troubling time.

“With the legislation constantly evolving and changing, the rapid response that Paycom gave in making sure that we had the tools that we needed and also the information we needed was just quite impressive,” said the director of benefits, compensation and HRIS for the New England Patriots.

But to be listed among the nation’s most trusted companies, the recognition must be backed by results.

Innovation never stops

Once trust is earned, it has to be maintained. This is why Paycom is constantly providing new tools and enhancements.

Simply introducing more technology isn’t enough to build trust. It has to be proven to benefit organizations and the lives of their employees. Paycom’s dedication to this principle was demonstrated when Human Resource Executive magazine gave Paycom’s Direct Data Exchange® the Awesome New Technology award in 2019 and named Manager on-the-Go® and Beti® on their Top HR Product lists in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

And Paycom further proved its trust-building innovation when it was named to Fast Company magazine’s World’s Most Innovative Companies List in the Enterprise category for 2022.

After all, many companies may introduce something new, but impactful innovation and trust is proven and earned on the world’s stage.

About the award

America’s Most Trusted Companies features organizations from 22 industries across the United States. Paycom ranked in the Software and Telecommunications category.

Paycom’s ranking came from a three-step analysis process. The analysis included market definition — all stock-listed companies headquartered in the U.S. with a revenue over $500 million were considered — as well as an extensive survey element and company vetting.

For more information, visit Newsweek for the official list. And to learn more about how Paycom builds trust within the HCM industry, explore Paycom’s comprehensive, single software.

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