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How the New England Patriots’ HR Team Tackles Compliance

Compliance is a pressing issue for organizations of any size, even championship-caliber operations like the New England Patriots.

That’s where the HR team at the Patriots’ parent company, The Kraft Group, comes in.

In episode 84 of our HR Break Room® podcast, Robin Boudreau, senior vice president of human resources, and Miranda Blaiklock, director of benefits, compensation and HRIS, discuss the importance of having a tech partner equipped to keep up with an ever-changing employment landscape. Chief among their executives’ needs is having an HR team that is proactive about compliance and mitigating risk.

Adapting to succeed

With the rapid change in legislation regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act experienced in the first half of 2020, senior leadership’s expectations were put to the test. From a compliance standpoint, it was important for the Patriots to react to legislative changes.

“With the legislation constantly evolving and changing, the rapid response that Paycom gave in making sure that we had the tools that we needed and also the information we needed was just quite impressive,” said Blaiklock “So it really felt like they were a partner even though, as HR professionals, we were all trying to figure out what was coming next.”

Paycom not only stayed on top of legal updates impacting employers, but also quickly and effectively communicated these updates and implemented tools specifically designed to help their clients navigate these changes. Timely updates provided management the information they needed to make the best possible choices.

More than payroll

The ground-level experience of working with HR software while building a world-class organization is about more than just having simplified payroll processes. Boudreau and Blaiklock shared the ways comprehensive HR technology provides value to the organization, especially when members of the C-suite need real-time workforce analytics to help drive strategic decisions day-to-day.

Boudreau identified Paycom’s Direct Data Exchange as a tool they check daily, using it as both their roadmap and scorecard. HR executives don’t always have access to real-time data, so it can be difficult to know precise metrics like an organization’s labor hours, overtime and tax liability.

“With Direct Data Exchange and the Paycom platform, we have real-time data that we’re having meaningful conversations today about what we’re going to do, what actions need to be taken,” Boudreau said. “And so that shift of efficient access and real-time credible access is something that’s desirable to obviously HR professionals, but importantly, it changes the dialogue you’re having with your business unit leaders.”

Today, Direct Data Exchange serves as a highly credible source for organizational data, allowing them to have actionable, timely conversations with the C-suite about important business decisions.

Big moves, large rewards

The Patriots’ and Kraft Group’s success in implementing Paycom’s software is echoed in their whole-hearted recommendation to anyone thinking about taking advantage of an HRIS system.

“If you’re willing to take that step, it’s going to get you where you want to be as a strategic partner as well as being perceived as really a part of the business,” Boudreau said. “It’s credible, comprehensive data, and you have real-time access to it. Knowing that all of our data sits in one single solution really shifts the whole conversation.”

For these and other insights about how Paycom’s single software can deliver the data that transforms your HR department, be sure to check out episode 84 of HR Break Room®.