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Why Managers’ Approval Duties Just Got Easier

At some point, every manager experiences the feeling of wishing he or she could be in two (or more) places at once. Usually, one of those places is a desk, where paperwork – or at least its electronic equivalent – seems to accumulate at a steady, unrelenting rate.

Avoid unnecessary pileup

But whether you’re managing a team or a department, your desk is one place you’re not likely to spend much time. After all, your time is often spent elsewhere: in meetings, talking with employees, on the floor, in the field and otherwise on the go.

And while you’re on the go, if you can’t catch up on the more administrative parts of your job – approvals for personnel action forms, time off, expenses and more – those will keep piling up, waiting for you when you finally do get back to your desk.

When those approvals stack up unnecessarily, it’s inconvenient and stressful for managers, but it can be demoralizing for employees who wonder if their vacations will be approved, when they’ll receive expense reimbursement or even when their title change will be approved.

Fortunately, there’s no need to jeopardize engagement simply because leaders are justifiably away from their desks.

Approvals from anywhereManager-on-the-Go product screen

Accessible through the Paycom mobile app, the Manager on-the-Go® tool allows supervisors to take those duties with them, for anywhere, anytime completion.

Let’s say employee timecards need managerial approval by end of day. With the help of Manager on-the-Go, supervisors can take care of that from any location – for example, on an elevator between meetings! They have access to approve pending requests whenever and wherever they have their mobile device.

Instead of tackling a growing list of approvals when they return to their desks, managers can catch a much-needed deep breath.

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