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Are Your Managers Using This Award-Winning Digital Tool?

The best HR technology helps businesses achieve peak efficiency in an ever-changing digital world.

Case in point: Manager on-the-Go®, which enables managers to stay on top of essential duties from anywhere, 24/7, through the convenience of their smartphones. With this functionality in their hands, managers gain time to focus on the business of business.

Consider busy fields like sales, manufacturing or health care, where the daily demands of the job leave managers with little time to spend in front of their computers. With Manager on-the-Go, managers can handle tasks like approving employee time cards, time-off requests, expenses and more with just a few clicks.

But they’re not the only ones who benefit. HR wins, too! Freed from the all-too-familiar obligation of sending multiple reminders to managers to complete outstanding tasks, HR professionals gain time to focus on serving their organizations in other, more strategic ways.

Then there are the benefits to the bottom line. With real-time data available through My Analytics — accessible 24/7 through a customizable dashboard — managers and executives gain valuable insight into overtime costs, turnover rates and more. This, in turn, can be used to make informed decisions that save money and boost organizational efficiency.

Submit approvals from anywhere with Manager On-the-Go

As HR Technology Conference program chair and HR Happy Hour podcast co-host Steve Boese said of the tool, “It’s well-designed. It’s very clean. It’s very intuitive. It’s efficient. It helps managers get done what they need to get done easily without help. It’s a tool any manager could pick up and start using with almost no training.”

Recently, Manager on-the-Go earned a spot on Human Resource Executive magazine’s Top HR Products 2020 list.

“Paycom’s Manager on-the-Go strikes that careful balance, giving managers fast, simple and complete access to all of their key functions,” wrote Elizabeth Clarke and Boese, respectively the magazine’s executive editor and columnist.

The publication praised the tool’s focus on “the frontline manager” as a user of HR technology with needs that are distinct from both back-office HR professionals and everyday employees.

As Human Resource Executive understands, when managers are empowered to make the most of their valuable time, the value they bring to their organization can only increase. As a new year approaches, we look forward to helping more organizations give their managerial efficiency a digital boost.