Dec. 11, 2018


Joe Callender, Ernst and Young executive director of quantitative economics and statistics

Ari Teichman, Ernst and Young senior manager of quantitative economics and statistics

Sam Norman, Paycom executive vice president of sales

According to a 2016 study conducted by, companies surveyed reported that allowing employees to complete their own human resources tasks through software saves their HR department an average of seven hours a week. A new study from Ernst & Young takes this idea a step further. Performing HR tasks manually or not letting employees enter their own information costs employers an average of $4.39 for every point of data entry.

With the cost of HR tasks becoming more evident and costly in the digital era, what is keeping organizations from making the move to self-service technology? And how can incorporating HR technology streamline processes and save organizations time, money and productivity?

In this episode of HR Break Room, host Caleb Masters is joined by a panel of experts to discuss:

  • Ernst & Young’s study detailing how manual HR tasks are slowing productivity and costing organizations around the country
  • the costly compliance risks of manually entering data multiple times
  • how HR can help complete the digital transformation within their organization by removing manual tasks with self-service HR software for employees


Learn more about how to transform your organization with self-service technology by reading our How to Lead Digital Initiatives in the Workplace white paper.

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