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Oklahoma City Company Promotes Employee Wellness Month

Over 400 employees at Paycom’s headquarters in Oklahoma City are spending the entire month of May with an extreme focus on health and wellness. They are taking Employee Wellness Month seriously by participating in numerous opportunities and activities all month that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Employee Wellness Month is a national, annual initiative that provides business leaders with fresh ideas and proven strategies around prevention and wellness. It offers a hands-on look at how supportive social communities, like the workplace, can help to improve employee health and productivity, lower healthcare costs, and help organizations create a positive culture of health.

“Paycom is dedicated to their employees,” said Lauren Toppins, Paycom HR Manager. “We do things all year long to promote a healthy lifestyle, like providing an on-site café that provides healthy food options and encouraging participation in year-round sports leagues. But during the month of May, in recognition of Employee Wellness Month, we are pulling out all the stops!”

During the month, all Paycom employees are invited to attend ‘Lunch N Learn’ sessions each Tuesday and Thursday. Healthy meals are offered in Paycom’s café along with a short seminar led by healthcare professionals imparting helpful resources and tips to employees on staying healthy.

Paycom’s Oklahoma City based headquarters boasts a state-of-the-art gym and during Employee Wellness Month it is definitely getting a workout. Throughout May, Paycom is offering Fitness Boot Camp, which includes Krav Maga and Zumba classes, to their employees at no cost.

“I love the Zumba class – it was a great workout! I break a sweat, listen to music, laugh and have fun with my friends and it does not make going to the gym feel like a chore for me,” Brittany Shaw, Paycom Client Relations Representative said. “I love the fact that Paycom is providing this opportunity to me and to the company as a whole, because I would not have signed up for this class otherwise.”

On Wednesday, May 16th, National Employee Wellness Day, Paycom provided employees helpful healthy tips throughout the day. May 17th gave employees an opportunity for blood pressure screening and a check on cholesterol levels.

May 18th marked the beginning of Paycom’s Wellness Challenge: Walk This Way to a Healthier You. All employees were given pedometers and urged to wear them at work and record each step they take throughout the day. Each employee is recording their number at the end of each day to get a grand total of how many steps they have taken and how many calories Paycom employees burned during this two week challenge. This challenge will run from May 18th until May 31st.

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