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Paycom Introduces New Affordable Care Act Toolkit for Employers

Looming uncertainties with recent health care mandates have left employers across America looking for answers. Paycom, a provider of human capital management technology, today announced the launch of an exclusive Affordable Care Act (ACA) Toolkit on for employers. Packed with ACA information, the website empowers employers who are looking to better understand the impacts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions, how they can ease their compliance burdens and make strategic business decisions.

“The ACA Toolkit is designed to provide the tools employers need to make well-versed decisions as they face the complexities of  health care reform,” Paycom founder and CEO Chad Richison said. “We are continuously monitoring government regulations, particularly the Affordable Care Act, because of the significant effect it has on our customers.  It’s our job to make sure they are armed with the HR data they need to make informed decisions.”

Health care reform legislation is impacting employers’ health benefits, administrative processes and bottom lines across America. While Paycom cannot change ACA compliance obligations, its ACA Toolkit provides downloadable material that includes an infographic, white paper and a helpful decision tree.

The whitepaper titled “ACA HR Technology Guide” offers tips on how employers can create and maintain a healthy compliance strategy and points out how the right HR technology is critical to ACA compliance. Single application HR technology that includes easy-to-use Payroll, Benefits Administration, Document Management and Time and Attendance features help businesses meet the tracking and reporting mandates of this health care reform legislation.

Another feature of Paycom’s ACA Toolkit is a series of ACA blog posts designed to keep readers updated on the latest changes and legislative guidance that affects their compliance responsibilities.  Two articles – “Companies with Employer-Sponsored Health Plans Must Still Notify Employees of Exchanges” and “ACA Penalties and Insurance Inadequacies Can Cost You” — are now available.

In addition to the ACA Toolkit, Paycom has scheduled a webinar – Think Your Business is ACA Compliant? – for Thursday, July 25, to educate employers on the rules and regulations of health care reform and what to look for when partnering with a payroll and HR technology provider to help mitigate ACA exposure. Details and signup information is available on Paycom’s website.

Providing employers HR tools for compliance since 1998, Paycom is dedicated to monitoring and responding to health care and other employment law regulations. For the latest ACA information, check out Paycom’s new Affordable Care Act Toolkit at

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