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Engage and develop your workforce with Talent Management tools

How you build and manage your company’s No. 1 asset – its people – affects the bottom line. Showing them purpose, vision and a path to advance is crucial to their success and yours.

With Paycom’s all-in-one software, you can boost employee satisfaction – and control salary budgets – by linking performance with compensation. Cloud-based convenience streamlines the review process among employees, managers and HR. Pay increases automatically update to payroll. You also can see analytics on head count, turnover, overtime and more.

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Talent Management Analytics

Complete employee assessments with consistency, efficiency and less burden.

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Reward employees easily and fairly while staying within budget.

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Reduce your burden and engage your workforce by directly connecting employees to their HR data.

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My Analytics offers powerful, on-demand workforce insight for those seeking a big-picture view of company data in real time. Because Paycom offers the most complete HR and payroll technology in a single software solution, report data is comprehensive to drive effective human capital decisions at all levels of management, from the C-level on down.

  • Access a list of popular reports with quick links. Examples include: Company Match Dollars, Employer Tax Burden, Accrual Dollars, Percentage Labor Distribution, Workers’ Comp Hours and more.
  • Customize the dashboard with the executive’s choice of report information and if it is to be displayed in a data or graphical format.
  • All reports are exportable in a variety of formats that work for the individual.
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Easily and consistently educate your employees as you engage them with on-demand training.

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If you can measure your payroll activity, you can manage it. Paycom helps you do just that with more insight into your information than any other provider. Our real-time Report Center offers the ability not only to report across all data stored in the system, but across multiple years and EINs, in a variety of formats, with the following types of payroll reports:

Reports include:

  • Compensation Changes
  • Compa-Ratio
  • Employee Position
  • Green Circle / Red Circle
  • Incomplete Performance Reviews
  • Missing Compensation
  • Missing Performance Reviews
  • Performance and Compensation History
  • Performance and Compensation Transaction Search
  • Salary Grade
  • Compensation Budget Forecasting
  • Performance and Compensation Report Writer allows you to create custom reports for a more comprehensive and graphical analysis of your activity.
  • Push Reporting lets you set up recurring reports once and schedule them to automatically be run and sent to specific users daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  • Employment Predictor identifies employees at the highest risk of leaving and those most likely to stay.
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Deeper understanding


When utilized properly, a learning management system can boost employee engagement and make sure everyone grasps business-critical policies. Discover how we can help your entire workforce gain a complete, consistent understanding of these concepts in our free Paycom Learning toolkit.

Paycom Learning case study

Training managers to train employees: This was how a trucking company used an in-house tool to train employees across 14 locations – wasting time and resources. By adding Paycom Learning, employees were able to take the wheel, accessing and completing courses at their convenience.

Employee usage case study

Learn how a social services nonprofit uses Employee Self-Service® to increase productivity by 20%.

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Knowing what your employees really want from their work is a win-win for everyone. Engaging your workforce makes your people feel valued and improves your bottom line.

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